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It’s good to talk. On the terrace or elsewhere

7 Mar

Anything more to add after Brentford put in that anti-performance against Charlton? Having rewatched the action via highlight reel I’m still struggling to find (m)any positives. And with The Bees next facing the trip to Loftus Road and the derby with QPR, it’s clear a rapid ‘bucking up’ of ideas is needed

For what they’re worth

Can Brentford take anything positive?

Well, surely it can’t be possible to be that poor again? On a day when even Buzzette was reported to have lost her head, c/o Lasse Vibe in the warm up, it’s clear nobody had a good afternoon.

That said, at least she was able to get up and ‘go again’ rather than suffering the ignominy of being the first ever mascot to be stretchered off Griffin Park. Parents have been spared having to explain a decapitated anthropomorphic Bee to traumatised youngsters. A case of attempted insecticide, perhaps?

The other good news pre kick off is that #BeeTheDJ (our one decent Twitter hashtag) really works. Griffin Park rocked to The Quo and ‘Down,Down’. Many thanks indeed to Big Bee Radio.


Kinder eggs and The Quo – enough to keep all ages happy pre kick off

Likewise, at least we won’t get whipped by Hull City on Tuesday night. A trip to Humberside so soon after the Charlton debacle was probably the last thing we’d have needed. Whilst the cancellation of our game due to the cup replay with Arsenal is frustrating, at least there is some silver lining.

Instead, it is QPR next up. As with last season’s low point, also Charlton (although away) the reaction seen in the following game was just what the doctor ordered. A 3-1 pasting of eventual champions Bournemouth put the spring back in Brentford’s step and allowed us to push on for the rest of the campaign.

Could we get more of the same on Saturday? I hope so.

Short term I’d be happy simply to hear our co-directors of football come out and talk about how they see things have gone so far this season. Especially after the weekend. More importantly, how do they feel things will go from here?

I’d love for them to just be honest. The fans aren’t stupid whilst, equally, we know how much Matthew Benham is backing this club. Last year was brilliant but our team deserved what they got. Let’s not hide behind ‘over achieved’ . Just as Leicester City are proving this year, talent and team spirit count for so much more than multi-millions.

Then again, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed… For all that people are, understandably, frustrated about certain aspects of the current set up – on and off field – if you approach our staff (and many of them have contacts on the Internet / are visible on match day thanks to the confined nature of Griffin Park and her environs) you might be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve had lengthy discourse with one senior figure this week to try and explain supporter feeling whilst the Beesotted team are never shy to duck away from approaching club figures. And, of course, we have supporter organisations like BIAS and BU.

Whether directly or through one of these groups; with a voluminous list of questions or a one off observation, IF you want an answer then why not try and make your voice heard? What’s the worst that could happen? That said, all being well we’ll hear more out of the club soon.

The final good thing about the weekend, and probably my highlight, was another outing for ‘Terrace Talk’. You all know the score by now as Jo Tiley does her thing with a camera and those supporters eager to spill the beans on her question of the day.

This week’s topic is ‘favourite derby game memory‘ and, despite no mention of the wonderful 4-0 over Fulham back in 1992, the video doesn’t disappoint .

Oh for the power to look ahead and see if Saturday at QPR might make this list? Until then, here’s Jo….

Nick Bruzon


Will form go out the window in today’s ‘Game of Throws’?

20 Feb

Saturday and game on. Brentford await the arrival of Derby County in a Championship game that sees two teams who, it would be fair to say, are currently going through a dip in form. We’ve talked enough about the results against Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday to warrant any further regurgitation of those facts. Suffice to say that Bees fans will, surely, be looking for something a bit more positive now we are back at Griffin Park after a nightmare road trip.

Derby are faring even worse than us at present and this was a point really hammered home by the arrival of yesterday’s match preview email. The description of ‘current form’ is one which, whilst technically accurate, highlights the sticky patch both clubs have currently hit. The question is, who will be the first to pull themselves out of it?

current form

The club’s ‘current form’ graphic

Well, my online bookmaker (used purely for research purposes) has the Bees at a very generous 21/10, Derby 13/10 and the draw 23/10. All of which makes the Rams slight favourites but, really, suggests that nobody has a clue. I can’t call it.

Then again I can’t even call which options Dean Smith will start with today. The main thing we can say for sure is that central defence will feature Jack O’Connell and Harlee, following last week’s red card for Yoann Barbet.

Whilst, of course, the likes of Alan Judge, David Button and Jake Bidwell also name themselves, the rest still remains somewhat up for grabs in terms of a guaranteed start. And the return to fitness of Alan McCormack adds a further option in centre mid.Regardless of whether he is picked, if nothing else surely this makes ‘Return of the Mack’ an absolute shoe-in for #BeeTheDJ today?

Get the crowbar out

I have it on good authority that the other thing returning for this game will be Terrace Talk. I have no idea where or when Jo and her camera crew will appear but do keep your eyes open for a chance to shine in our latest, and greatest, social media feature. Terrace Talk was conspicuous by its absence for the Leeds game so here’s hoping its back with a bang today.

Talking of social media this brings us (with all the subtly of a McCormack challenge) to Snapchat. Anybody like myself, confused as to why we’d changed our twitter profile picture to something resembling a white tadpole in a dress, soon found the answer on the club site.

Of course (?!), this was just our own take on the logo for the popular photo sharing app which ‘BrentfordFC’ have now joined . Personally, I’ve never used this before but, having signed up, it’ll be interesting to see what our media team send through over the course of a match day.

As for our Twitter account, this morning the ever direct annette c has since noted “What the f*@ is Brentfords new display picture thing?! Ew. Get the crest back please!!”

bfc snap

BrentfordFC are now on Snapchat

It really is all happening today at Griffin Park. Along with the ever popular ‘free chilli’ in the Hive (get in early) we’ve also got our ‘new shirts for old’ promotion running in the club shop.

But for me (Clive) Kitman Bob Oteng has beaten Jo, chilli, the club shop and BeeTheDJ in one fell swoop when it comes to pre-game excitement .

Yes, its the return of his cryptic quiz. Bob is to giveaways what Matthew Benham was to transfer clues. And today’s competition sees supporters given, quite literally, the chance to win the shirt off Toumani’s back. Likewise, a pair of boots. Promising us a debut qualifying question, those up early saw the unveiling of his latest attempt to bamboozle Brentford fans.

What a prize. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the black ‘third’ shirt is stunning. Here’s hoping for a chance to finally guess one right.

Nick Bruzon

What’s the talk about ‘Terrace Talk’ and Lloyd?

14 Jan

Burnley visit Brentford tomorrow and the Bees will, no doubt, be looking to bounce back from Tuesday night’s defeat to Middlesbrough. Despite playing fantastically at times, that goal just wouldn’t come and, as such, we played the ultimate price. You know what happened by now though.

Instead, to coin that most jarring of phrases, “We go again” . Whilst ordinarily I’d suggest you file that one next to: “every little helps” (bad grammar that doesn’t actually mean anything), “expresso” (the word is espresso – is it that hard to pronounce the letter ‘s’ ?) and “You support Brentwood. In Essex?” as things to get under my skin, I’m kind of desperate for that to happen this time around.

All the plaudits in the world for nice approach play and some cracking chances don’t disguise the fact we lost. Albeit to the League leaders. But there was still plenty in there to inspire and give cause for optimism that we can go one better against Burnley in front of the TV cameras on Friday. And I can’t wait for that chance to come.

The other thing to emerge from Tuesday night’s game, and a subject we’ve not discussed as yet in this column, is the latest ‘Terrace Talk’ video. In a feature that seems somewhat familiar to those that Beesotted have being doing for years, the club have now jumped on the ‘fan interview’ bandwagon.

Hosted by matchday programme contributor Jo Tiley, the initial criticisms are obvious and I feel somewhat like a cat toying with a spider saying anything nasty on this one. It has been accused of being a blatant rip off of a fan produced feature introduced by a presenter who seemed to suffer from volume issues at first (the microphone is what helps us hear, there’s really no need to shout).

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 05.51.08

Jo Tiley presents the latest edition of Terrace Talk

Yet.Yet.Yet… I love it. It shouldn’t work given the high profile comparison yet somehow it does and is fast becoming cult viewing. The interviews feature a good cross section of guests – both fans and club figures. Vice-chairman Donald Kerr appears alongside supporter John Hirdle, amongst others, in this latest issue whilst I’m sure I saw Buzzette’s minder in the post Walsall edition.

Jo has definitely refined her presenting technique, too, and even managed to root out an Arsenal fan (who was apparently hospitalised with frost bite) in this one. I’m very much looking to see her do battle with the Sky team on Friday. Come on Jo ! Why not even see if you can rope one of their team in for a chat?

Hey, with Lloyd Owusu deservedly being welcomed into the hall of fame (and more on this tomorrow), he’d be a cracking guest to bag. Or even how about that as a subject of discussion?

Which player do supporters think should be entered into this elite group ?

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 06.25.05

Lloyd Owusu – back at Griffin Park this Friday

At the end of the day, Clive, a good idea is going to see similar ones follow suit. Coke and Pepsi; Grandstand and World of Sport. The Last Word and, erm… well, you get my drift.

Terrace talk may come over as the club take on Beesotted, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a crack aswell.

Keep up the good work, Jo. Here’s to the next edition.

terrace talk – the latest edition

Nick Bruzon