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Brentford v Crawley Town – Griffin Park live weather update

7 Feb

It won’t take a genius to figure out the very real threat the weather poses to Saturday’s game. League One leaders Brentford are due to play Crawley but, with Wolves trip to Stevenage already canned 24 hours prior to the scheduled kick off, its no surprise that people are getting itchy feet.

Moreso, given the update posted on the official site this afternoon, the crux of which reads :   “To clarify, if no rain falls, the Club is confident the game will go ahead but any rain before the final whistle will put the match in doubt.”

Given the earlier column today, specifically around various less than successful attempts at weather forecasting (both professional and amateur), I’d be a fool to predict how this is going to go.

What I can, accurately, share is the view over Griffin Park just before sunset. Not a cloud in the sky.


The view down a cloudless Braemar Road just before sunset

So far, so good …. we’ll update here as things progress. However, brace yourself for the worst based on the overnight forecast.

And as if by magic – Friday, 6.40pm weather update: NOW CHUCKING IT DOWN

Friday , 6.50pm: No rain. Cloudy overhead (this could be a long night)

Saturday, 6.45am: Its not raining, but it has been. Dark as pitch outside so can’t see the sky. Would suggest we may need to prepare for ‘Tuesday night under lights’, given the previous club statement.

Saturday, 7.15am: Clear over Griffin Park but large cloud over Chiswick/Kew. Ground in St Paul’s Park (below) surprisingly firm.


Looking across St.Pauls to Griffin Park

Saturday, 8.40am: Just been for a quick wander up to GP. Good news is (per below) the skys are still clear and there is no rain. Likewsie, quite a stiff breeze in the area which can only be helping the pitch.

On the flipside, a general murkiness and a lot of cloud all around. I’ll be impressed if it doesn’t rain but, until then, one can only presume ‘Game on’ .

GP ct match day

GP ct matchday 2

Saturday, 9am: Pitch inspection confirmed for 10am……

Saturday, 10.05 am: Game OFF – That’s me, then. Thanks for reading today. 6 Nations here we come