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The good, the bad and the ugly. Derby, Manchester United and Tim Burgess have the pick of a week that saw Bees stung.

25 Sep

As Brentford ended up on the wrong end of a 3-1 scoreline at Wolves, Norwich City usurped Huddersfield Town at the top of the Championship table following the Terriers’ second defeat in three games. This time to a Reading team who travel to Griffin Park on Tuesday. At the bottom end Derby County, Rotherham United and Wigan Athletic continue to press the self-destruct button. Northern Ireland International Will Grigg’s team not so much being on fire as given a good hosing by all-comers.

That’s the latest Championship action in nutshell. Yet there has been so much more going on in the division and beyond. In the latest edition of our regular, weekly feature we look back at those things you might have missed from the world of social media over the last 7(seven) days.

As ever, things start at Griffin Park although aside from Brentford seeing the unbeaten run come to an end we’ve been keeping a somewhat lower profile than normal this week. Perhaps it was the excitement of Middlesex winning the County Championship in not at all contrived circumstances or our absence from the third round of the League cup. However, there hasn’t been too much from ‘official’ or beyond…

That said, we couldn’t let this week pass without a nod to the legend that is birthday boy Terry Hurlock. Woe betide any manager who dared tell him it wasn’t ok to dress like a pirate for the annual team photo.

Beyond that, though, there was tumbleweed blowing through TW8 (that, or everybody has just blocked yours truly). Sullay Kaikai got off the mark as the Bees went down to Wolves.

The  one positive from that defeat being that the regular hand-wringing of old and calls for the manager’s head seem nothing but a distant memory at the moment. Nice work Dean Smith and the lads in silencing the likes of Gordon Vine, Sam Jones and other cyber warriors so keen to put the boot in at the slightest excuse

So, instead, we’ll look further afield. Regular readers will be aware of my admiration for Buzzette and Kingsley (at Partick Thistle). Very much the Queen and King of football mascots, this pair are guaranteed to get the crowd going at half time.

Indeed, if Matthew Benham is reading (unlikely, but…), how about getting them together for a pre-season friendly next season? If nothing else, imagine the children…


Buzzette and Kingsley – King and Queen of football mascots

However, it seems there is a new kid on the block. A potential pretender to the mascot throne. If, indeed, this is a mascot. To be quite honest, I’m not sure what was going on here but Tweet of the week has surely come from Derby County.

The Rams are in trouble on the pitch – and I’m not just talking about results. Certainly, if this is the sort of thing happening at Derby home games….

Incredible doesn’t even begin to do this justice. As Matt Dyson, news guru on the Christian O’Connell Absolute Radio breakfast show and Nottingham Forest supporter, noted…

In the League (EFL) cup this week, Manchester United found themselves having to improvise ahead of the game with Northampton Town.

The Brentford club sponsors then going on to note (and who doesn’t love a bit of Accidental Partridge?) that…

Sam Wallace, chief football writer for the Daily and Sunday telegraph, highlighted further problems for Jose Mourinho.

Still, at least they’ve gone through. Unlike our Bees. Joining Manchester United in the next round were Reading, for whom a familiar face starred. Again.

Tuesday night at Griffin Park could be very interesting indeed when Reading come to town. I’m sure John will have more than a few points to prove – both on and off the pitch. Is that the sound of Dean Smith calling Alan McCormack……?

Elsewhere, the tweet of the third round involves Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal manager involved in some sort of fast food related incident (and one which he would later claim not to have seen. Presumably).

But this week we’ve got as much ‘other stuff’ to look at as footballing material. The World of Sport (idea for a show) has delivered more than just the beautiful game.

American Football (catch ball rather than ‘soc-cer’): Us Brentford fans know all about plans for dubious sounding monorails. But over in the States, they’ve gone one better.

Volleyball : Really, there’s nothing more to add to this one…

But, for me, story of the week has nothing to do with sport whatsoever. It involves the ever stranger world of Noel Edmonds. With the axe now swinging on his ‘Deal or No Deal’ TV show, alternative employment is required.

That said, there’s alternative employment and then there’s alternative employment….

In a column that has already seen one ‘Accidental Partridge’ we’ll leave the Last Word to Tim Burgess of music’s The Charlatans.

Why write a blog when one tweet does the job so, so much better…

Nick Bruzon


Tangerine dream becomes a Halloween nightmare.

2 Nov

You have to feel for Blackpool supporters. With chairman Karl Oyston doing his best to make friends and influence people, the visit of play off chasing Ipswich Town on Saturday coincided with the arrival of new manager, Lee Clark. And where new managers and controversial owners go, Clem from the Football League show is sure to follow.

To read the rest of this article, season 2014/15 is now available to download onto Kindle (and other electronic reading device) in full. Containing additional material and even some (poor) editing, you can get it here for less than the cost of a Griffin Park matchday programme or Balti Pie.

 Thanks for reading and all your comments over the course of the season. For now, I need to make more space on the site for any follow up. However, ‘close season’ will continue in full, further along.

Insomniacs, click here. Old footballers and old records.

19 Oct

Saturday morning. That spine tingling place between the match preview going up (I’ve already talked sufficiently about Colchester, yesterday) and kick off.

You could watch Soccer AM for your football fix (and seriously, I probably would – it’ll be better than what comes next) or you could read on. However, with Brentford playing three times in the next eight days, I’m going to keep my powder dry on that subject.

Whilst we will be back to the full gamut of Bees related columns over the coming week (and another competition) for now it’s one largely for pub quiz fans or insomniacs as we dust off the old favourite beloved by programme teams up and down the land looking for a page to fill –  ‘On this day in history.’

October 19th

1917 – The Love Field in Dallas, Texas, opened. Get your minds out of the gutter, its an airport.

1950 – China joined the Korean War when thousands of her troops crossed the Yalu River to fight United Nations forces. (Here’s hoping that’s not how Uwe may feel at 3pm today).

1963 – In popular music the Beatles were to record “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. It ended up being their first song to occupy the penthouse suite in the American hit parade hotel (i.e. it reached number one) and went on to become the group’s best-selling single worldwide.

1973 – The UK charts were a somewhat pedestrian place, with the most popular record in the country being an unusual one. Certainly, the reaction of Noel Edmonds to the news that the Simon Park orchestra and their recording of ’Eye Level’ – the theme from the Thames TV series ‘Van der Valk’ – were at number one tells you all you need to know.

That same year in politics, President Nixon gave a helping hand to lazy journalists everywhere when he refused to hand over Watergate related tapes to special prosecutor Archibold Cox. Without this, we wouldn’t have the ‘–gate’ suffix, usually added to a noun or name to suggest scandal and cover up. You’d be surprised how often this crops up in all walks of life, even sport, where Grannygate and Toiletgate are amongst my favourites examples of this over-used line.

1987 – So called ‘Black Monday’ as the Dow Jones fell 22 % (that’s 508 points, stat fans).

2005 – Hurricane Wilma becomes the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. More hot air than even in this column.

2010 – the acting world mourned the loss of Tom Bosley. Best known as Howard Cunningham from TV’s ‘Happy Days’, he also took the lead in the ‘Father Dowling Mysteries’ (no I’ve never seen it either) and was a regular guest in ‘Murder, She Wrote’. Rest in peace, Mister C.


Tom Bosley – as he appeared in the credits on ‘Happy Days’

But we aren’t here just to talk about our favourite actors or records. This is football although, sadly, things are a bit thin on the ground when it comes to connecting October 19th with the beautiful game. Brentford have had the usual mixed bag of results whilst the real highlight seems to be the birth, in 1973, of Marc Beckers who twice represented Borussia Monchengladbach in the Bundesliga during his playing career. Going on to make a handful of other appearances further down the German football leagues, he matched the feat of former Bee Murray Jones in failing to score a goal for the club with which he is most associated.

So, if you have made it this far today (and I seriously doubt it) then perhaps, hopefully, you’ve found something that may help in whichever pub quiz you compete in tomorrow night.

More likely, come 5.15 this afternoon when we are back in the pubs of TW8 celebrating three points for Brentford it will all be forgotten. Except, perhaps, by the Beckers family blowing out the candles on Marc’s 40th birthday cake.

Now roll on Sunday when we can talk about proper football again…..


(Marc Beckers – he may not have found the back of the net but at least he made it into the Panini sticker book)