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We’ve come a long way in two years (as Bees have lucky escape)

30 Apr

As Brentford, Ipswich Town, Derby and Wolves prepare to discover which two of us will make it into the play off race on Saturday, Bees fans were given a massive boost last night. Despite a sudden rash of rumours sweeping Twitter, it was confirmed by Manish that although our clash with Wigan Athletic will be the ‘feature game’ on The Football League Show, Clem will not be at Griffin Park this weekend.

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BBC viewers saw Clem at Ashton Gate most recently

BBC viewers saw Clem at Ashton Gate most recently

The Soccer AM debacle - Marcello Trotta just off camera

The Soccer AM debacle – Marcello Trotta just off camera


Guess who’s back? Wanted: 32 Bees (preferably with balls)

17 Apr

Brentford players get around a bit. From Ipswich Town to Norwich City ; Colchester United to Oxford and beyond. The circle of former Brentford players is a vast one and that’s just those who are still playing.

It was a circle I dipped back into last night as plans began for the (now) annual end of season ‘Bees Legends’ game at Griffin Park. Due to take place on May 18th – watch out for the official announcement soon – it is currently shaping up as battle of Bee versus Bee.

I say battle. Anybody who was present for last season’s encounter at the Skyex Community Day, a Nathan Elder and BBB inspired 6-4 win for the Legends, would have seen their heroes roll back the years in a stunning display of pass and move, played in a great atmosphere. But that was against the ‘Showbiz’ XI.


BBB and Paul Abrahams look on as Gareth Graham strikes last season


This year, the plan is for the Bees face off against each other for the ultimate in bragging rights. As before, Paul Gibbs is the architect of the game and has dusted off his little black book to start putting the squads together (along with Nick Hester, Simon Cox, yours truly and the real legend that is Peter Gilham).

To say it is already looking like an exciting line up would be putting this mildly but, equally, two teams make up a lot of players. 32, to be precise (or 33 if we have to factor in the inevitable hamstring injury to Gibbo).

As such, I need to make a direct request to our reader. If you are a former Brentford player reading this (it’s possible) or, more likely, you know an ex-Bee (still playing or otherwise) then please get in touch. Either through Peter at the club, the Legend’s facebook page (www.facebook.com/BeesLegends) or myself, erm, here or on Twitter (@nickbruzon).

And as for the balls? Well, last year’s game almost didn’t take place. It was only when the players were changed, the fans were in the stadium and the opposition had arrived that the referee asked to inspect the match ball….

Note to self: When arranging a football match, the ball is the most important piece of equipment to bring. Cue one made dash around TW8, even the club didn’t have one available, until the necessary was found.

Consider that a lesson learned !


The Legends, 2013. Who will make up the 2014 team(s)?

Hurry up, Harry ! PS – Great work, Mr. Benham

1 Feb

These may be odd sentiments for a Brentford fan but I need to thank QPR manager Harry Redknapp.

After yesterday’s Deadline Day column in which we considered whether Wolves purchase of Leon Clarke was over tinkering with a strong squad, that self same squad was slowly torn to pieces over the course of the afternoon.

To read the rest of this article, season 2013/14 is now available to download onto Kindle, in full. Containing previously unseen content, you can do so here for less than the cost of one matchday programme.

 Thanks for reading over the course of the campaign. For now I need to make space on this page for any follow up.  The ‘close season’ / World Cup columns continue in full, further on in this site.

2013 – a review of the year in pictures

31 Dec

It’s been some year for Brentford.

The Bees missed out on automatic promotion through the narrowest of margins, then obtained the usual result at the ‘W place’ in North London before finishing 2013 on a run of 34 points out of a possible 36.

Along the way we’ve had a change of manager, a change of Chairman, an epic FA cup encounter with Chelsea and the small matter of Lionel Road.

Armed with nothing more than an iPod phone and ‘screen grab’, these are my ten ‘Last Word’ defining images of 2013.

10 – Doncaster Rovers. Whilst Brentford were ultimately denied by ‘The Nag’s Head’ (Trotta’s bar) we should have seen it coming. The day started badly with Bees supporters on Soccer AM getting a season’s low score of ‘zero’ in the end of show ‘sixty second shoot out’.


Worse was to come

9 – Cardiff Beach became this year’s holiday hotspot for goalkeepers.


Farewell Simon and welcome, David Button

8 – Herr Rösler kept the players, and Billy, waiting after the Stevenage debacle. Twelve games later and the rest is history.


Nothing ‘a little chat’ couldn’t sort out

7 – The Griffin Park crowd has been noticeably louder this season. Moreso, at the death where late winners are becoming the team’s speciality.


Volume levels at Griffin Park have certainly risen this year.

6 – Lionel Road. Councillor Dhillon became a fan favourite as Matthew Benham’s dream moved one step closer when planning permission was approved.


The award winning matchday programme celebrates Lionel Road. (Other publications are available, too)

5 – It’s all your fault. Highflying Peterborough come down to earth with a bump.


Don’t cry, ‘keeper. Game,set and match. 3-2 Brentford

4 – A full house on New Road for ‘pay what you can’. Despite Keith Stroud officiating, Brentford won.


The Bees made it three out of three against Shrewsbury.

3 – This is Saunders territory. The Champions of Europe under threat as Chelsea hang on for a draw at Griffin Park.


Chelsea. Louder than Aldershot. Almost

2 – Whilst Lionel Road is the future, Griffin Park remains atmospheric.


I’ll miss Griffin Park but Lionel Road IS the future

1 – The league table, December 31st 2013.


Thank you, BBC. Sweet, sweet viewing on their website

INDEX – Brentford FC, our season so far

26 Nov

We’ve had an exciting 2013-14 League One campaign to date. Here is the Last Word’s summary on what has happened to Brentford since pre-season kicked off in anger, back in July.


22ND  Some people are on the pitch. Quite a few, actually. Fall out from the Celtic pre-season friendly

28TH When Harry met Sammy. Simon Moore rumours and Family fun day

30TH Ambassador. With these goalkeepers you are really spoiling us. Simon Moore leaves ; David Button joins.


2ND Sixteen into eleven won’t go. Cardiff pre-season friendly, One Direction and Buzzette

5TH It is, quite literally, a cup competition. Port Vale league opener, my top-ten cup performances and a caption competition

9TH The maddest game of football that ever existed. Sheffield United preview, Dagenham cup review & caption comp results

11TH When is a woman not a woman? When she’s an adult. A win against Sheffield United and Adidas women’s kit (or lack of)

16TH Always a legend despite the suspect hammy. The Last Word catches up with Paul Gibbs

18TH Pies, points and padlocks. Loyalty points, Gillingham (a) and Soccer AM

22ND Natalie Sawyer. Brentford FC. Jane Fonda Bluebird. What is the first XI, Walsall preview & internet search terms

25TH A life without risks is no life at all.  Conor McAleny injury and a win against Walsall 

28TH Nobody wants to see that. The drubbing at Derby

30TH I’d love to blame the ref but I just can’t (entirely)Goal free against Carlisle with some odd refereeing


2ND And on that bombshell. Marcello Trotta returns

4TH Sheer Bliss for Philadelphia. The Last Word catches up with Gary Blissett

7TH Coming soon to Griffin Park – the chamber of horrors. My top ten worst kits of the season

8TH Now that, Alanis, is ironic. Another red card and another drubbing – Bradford City

10TH What do you get when you add 92+1 ? A preview of Simon Cox’s charity marathon

11TH On Tuesday my mind really was in the gutter. ‘Pay what you can’, a double loan swoop and the hedgehog gutter brush

15TH Brentford have their very own Tourjansky moment. Tranmere away, James Bond’s finest and Beesplayer

17TH Is it time to give Adi, das boot up der backside? More on this season’s shirt and my top ten of all time

21ST The A-Z of the season so far. Erm, is an A-Z. Of the season so far

24TH Brentford can’t end Orient’s record but I wish they’d change ours. Defeat to Leyton Orient and the horror of Guaglione

25TH Will Grigg. A fair decision? The tribunal names the price for Will Grigg

28TH Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Will Grigg reaction and Coventry (a) preview


1ST It was Colonel Mustard. In the press box. With the PG Tips. Loan updates, victory at Coventry, Richard Lee and ‘Teagate’

3RD Dear Andy Ansah. If you aren’t going to the World Cup… Football filming at Griffin Park. And the best film about the beautiful game. Ever

6TH Ten games in, TW8 faces its own Chernobyl. The GPG approaches meltdown as Brentford lose at home to Rotherham

8TH Martin Taylor extends loan but who are Brentford’s greatest signings? My personal view of Brentford’s top ten best ever signings

10TH Jay Tabb. Tractor Boy, Top Man. The Last Word catches up with Jay Tabb

11TH Brentford supporter’s marathon trek begins today. Simon Cox starts his charity trek

13TH Another Lamex Lament. Uwe has a post match ‘chat with the boys’ as the Bees lose at Stevenage

15TH England fans, Poles apart. Rod Hull 1 Bernie Clifton 0 THAT band wind me up. Give me Rod Hull over Bernie Clifton

17TH Robert Taylor. A legend in our lunchtime. Flashback to my interview with Robert Taylor, ahead of his return to Griffin Park

18TH Colchester United, we’re coming for you. The dust has settled after Stevenage as Colchester await

19TH Insomniacs click here. Old footballers and old records. On this day in history – from Happy Days to Panini stickers

20TH At home a loan (or three) help Bees return to form. Colchester put to the sword (eventually)

21ST Still paying the penalty. Is it time to move on? Flares in the crowd and lay off Marcello Trotta

22ND The things you miss for Brentford. Thanks, Beesplayer. Another win. Bristol City away and Uwe’s reaction to the home crowd

24TH Exclusive interview – Richard Lee talks back. Richard Lee updates the Last Word on those false rumours and his season so far

25TH Lets hope Uwe has the last word on Saturday. Putting Uwe’s comments into perspective and Shrewsbury preview

27TH Three is the magic number for Uwe (and Leroy). The Bees beat Shrewsbury in front of a big crowd. Leroy has kind words, too

27TH Football’s greatest cup competition. And also the FA Cup. FA Cup draw preview and another caption competition

29TH Don’t forget about Buzzette. A reminder of the caption competition

31ST The A-Z of Brentford. October 2013. The month in 26 lines


2ND Buses, books and balls – it must be Brentford. Brentford bus, Uwe’s book and orange balls

3RD The case for 7(seven). A win against Crawley, forthcoming games and brackets (seven)

6TH Marcus Gayle. It’s like going home to see your Auntie and Uncle. Marcus Gayle revisited and FA Cup preview

7TH Be careful what you wish for. Balls.

8TH Is this the oddest kit ever and the Buzzette prizewinner is named. Some bizarre kits as Natalie Sawyer reveals her captionwinner

10TH Brentford clean up Staines with massive win. 5-0 FA Cup win

12TH From Bees and books to BT. Champions League deal, ‘BT flatmate rage’ and ITV. Plus more on Uwe’s book

14TH And you thought the red back was a controversial shirt. The Brentford shirt has nothing on some of those to be worn at the World Cup

15TH Why curry, Crewe and Brentford beat Monsieur Wenger every time. League One website round up. Martin Allen’s moment of genius

16TH Bees on the Beeb. This article will self destruct in nine hours. Ahead of the Crewe game, you can catch up with Brentford on TV and radio

17TH Bring on Wolves. Bees skittle Crewe to make it six in a row. Brentford steamroller Crewe. Next up, Wolves

18TH From Brentford to Al-Wakrah. Wolves to the Wankdorf. A stadium round up sees Wolves fans get very angry about a very weak pun

19TH ‘That band’ play second fiddle to Team 54. Gibraltar and Brentford share a link whilst I apologise to Wolves (kind of)

23RD The irresistible force meets the immovable object. Wolves preview

24TH Wolves can’t blow Brentford’s house down. Brentford excellent as they hold Wolves

26TH Brentford magnificent as Peterborough look for their cajones An electric atmosphere at Griffin Park as Brentford show their class against Posh


Billy and Uwe

Since ‘that chat’ after Stevenage, Brentford’s form has accelerated somewhat. Uwe discusses this with Billy

Brentford supporter’s marathon trek begins today

11 Oct

What do you get when you add 92 plus 1?

10 Sep

As football challenges go, this one is up there with the best of them.

Regular users of ‘Twitter’ may have seen Brentford supporter Simon Cox’s recent postings about ’92 plus 1’. It’s his (and three friends) attempt to drive to each of the 92 league grounds in the top four divisions in a mere 92 hours.

Their 2,600 mile journey will start and finish at Wembley, sandwiched between the two World Cup qualifiers on 11th and 15th October. All of this in an effort to raise £10k of sponsorship on behalf of ‘Help for Heroes’.

I caught up with Simon in the build up to his challenge, to learn more.

Why on earth are you doing this? It’s complete craziness I know, but it’s something we as a team are looking forward to and that I’ve always wanted to do.

The visit to all 92 football clubs has been done in 89 hours and 94 hours before, but never sandwiched between two England internationals.

More to the point, how on earth will you do this? I’ve done the maths and that’s a distance of 28 miles an hour, every hour, for 92 hours. Forget the maths! We won’t have time to worry about it! It’s simply ‘do or die’ from the challenge point of view. We’ll get in a car and drive. The trick is to keep the vehicle going as long as possible without stopping and we have 100 stops planned. 92 football clubs, 6 fuel stops, 1 Nandos and 1 KFC!

Looking at your website, you have got a number of former players involved. Who has put their hands up to help? We have been touched by the support of people in football. It all started with a tweet from Peter Shilton, which has led to former professionals joining us on part of the challenge.

Bees Legend Paul Gibbs is joining us at QPR and will follow us across South West London. Micky Hazard (Spurs and Chelsea) has kindly offered to do the North London leg with us, whilst former Leicester City and Cambridge United striker Trevor Benjamin will be joining us between Sunderland and Newcastle.

Norwich City legend Daryl Sutch is joining us around Norwich and Wayne Fereday, once the fast man in football I believe, will be joining us on the South Coast.

We may have a couple of others to unveil nearer the time. It’s truly amazing that they feel they wanted to help us in some form.

Can supporters turn up at the grounds to come and meet you? Yes! We are encouraging football fans to meet us at their local grounds, even if they don’t support that club. Football fans from all clubs live around the world so why not be proud of your club and show your support for our challenge and charity! We would love to complete the challenge with photographs of fans across the UK. This is about uniting together for our forces.

What constitutes ‘visiting’ a ground? Is it a case of get out, get a picture and get going? Or do you have any more elaborate plans for certain stadia? For us, this is a challenge against time and time will not allow us to take in a game, have pitch side visits etc. It’s about driving to the grounds, checking in on social media to prove we have arrived and then taking pictures of us there.

Will your website be publishing a progress report / details of where & when you will be over the course of the 92 hours? The best place for progress will be our social media places and full directions will be on our www.92plus1.co.uk website. This will contain updates of the challenge, photographs and general football banter!

Will pictures of yourself at the grounds be published over the course of the challenge? Oh yes! We want people to see who we are and why we are doing what we are doing.

How and when will you sleep (will you sleep)? We will sleep on our travels in the vehicle. It’s not going to be comfortable, but neither is sleeping rough on the front line, which our forces people do to ensure we can sleep comfortably.

Tell us a bit about the four of you doing this? We are four football fans uniting for the 92plus1 challenge. Mark is currently serving in the RAF at Brize Norton and is an Aston Villa fan. The minute we received a good luck message from Paul McGrath, he turned into a five year old!

Darren is a Liverpool fan who served for 16 years in the RAF before being medically discharged. He enjoys doing charity work and is currently a college lecturer in Norfolk.

Mike is a businessman from Milton Keynes and was a former professional footballer at Wycombe Wanderers before he had his career cut short with injury and then there’s me, the lunatic, who runs my own business, but enjoys living every day as if it’s my last.


(Simon Cox at a Wembley press conference – the rest of the team, presumably, held up in traffic)

Is there any ground you are looking forward to visiting in particular? Griffin Park, of course! I love the place and it will always be close to me. It’s a proper football ground. Personally, I am looking forward to visiting the various statues outside the grounds, seeing the Hillsborough memorial as I’ve never seen it and sparing a few moments of thoughts for those caught up in that tragic event. I am also looking forward to visiting the smaller clubs like Fleetwood and Morecambe whilst I’ve always bottled the trip to Carlisle so at least I can cross that one off the list!

I’ve never been to Old Trafford, Goodison Park or The Stadium of Light so they will be new experiences.

I read on Sunday that you may end up having to wear a ‘Fu***m shirt at Griffin Park? You support Brentford – surely this can’t be true -? How and why could this happen? I’ve done some crazy things in my life and this is up there with them. Not the challenge but the shirt thing. I have friends who follow the other “club” and trust me, the shirt was offered very quickly! They know this will hurt but it’s all in a good cause! We have a target of what we would like to raise for our charity and if it means pulling on a Fulham shirt for ten seconds, I will.

TV’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ had Kenneth Kendall. ‘The Interceptor’, Annabelle Croft.  Do you have a crack team at ‘home base’ (your control centre, not the DIY superstore) to give you help as the challenge unfolds? Yes we have some fantastic friends and family who will help us and feed us information. To be honest, the break away from the computer will do me the world of good! Saying that, I will be taking my laptop with me. I won’t be able to rest without communication so we will be geared up with communication on board.

Image  (TV’s ‘The Interceptor’ – Simon & team will be in something a bit more modest than a Maserati) 

What will be the toughest part of the journey? I think that will be the long drawn out stretch to Plymouth from Bristol Rovers. The leg of the journey is 126 miles and will see us over the 2,000-mile mark so it’s going to be mentally draining.

How can people get involved? There are a number of ways and we appreciate people’s help. They can help on social media by retweeting our tweets, sharing our content on Facebook and helping to follow us on Foursquare.

People can also visit our website www.92plus1.co.uk , download our flyer and email to people, promote it on their own social media or generally display the poster in their local pub or chip shop window.

Donations are gratefully received and we appreciate all the support we are receiving from our sponsors. There is a link on our page for donations and we are inviting people to donate to our nominated charity for this challenge. What our forces personnel go through in conflict is a concern and what both Mark and Darren have seen in service is the reason why we have opted for Help for Heroes as our charity.

How much interest have you had from the media and will we see you promoting this anywhere in the build up / over the course of the trip itself? The media interest has been amazing with local radio stations around the UK interested in covering the story. Phil Parry had us on his show a few months ago and we’re delighted to have received interviews from BBC Radio Gloucester, BBC Radio Sheffield and Heart FM in Wiltshire. There will be more to come!

The British Forces Broadcasting Services are currently promoting the challenge across their network as well which means it’s going as far as Cyprus, Germany and the Falkland Islands.

If all goes to plan, what time are you due to reach Wembley on October 15th? Presumably you have a car park space sorted? Parking space? What’s that! Yes of course we have one lined up. We are due back at Wembley at 5pm IF everything runs smoothly, but we all know what our roads are like!

And how on earth will you sit through an England game? They can be hard enough work at the best of times, let alone after you’ve pushed yourself through this. We won’t be watching the first game if I have my way! There is no way I will be able to sit still for 90 minutes for the first game when we need to go on the challenge. The second one will depend on how we are feeling. It’s a big challenge and it will be tiring and the last thing I want to do is sleep through a game – the last time I did that was in the 2002 Play Off Final against Stoke City when the beer beat me and I can just about recall the national anthems!

Simon – it’s been a pleasure. Good luck. And I hope we can catch up after the event so you can tell us how it’s all gone Thank you for your time Nick. I would be more than happy to catch up with you even if it’s to tell you how I really wore that F***ham shirt…….

If you’d like to read more about the challenge and follow the team’s progress, you can link to their website or twitter address of @92plus1. You can also donate here .


Pies, points and padlocks

18 Aug

Free meat pie with every five visits to this blogsite.

As unsolved mysteries go, it wasn’t quite up there with ‘Who shot JFK’? or ‘How were the pyramids built’? However, with the respective ‘away game’ loyalty points finally being released it has meant we can now concentrate on other issues rather than, ‘How many do I get for going to Port Vale’?

The answer, for the record, and per the various updates over the last two weeks on the official site was:

To read the rest of this article, season 2013/14 is now available to download onto Kindle, in full. Containing previously unseen content, you can do so here for less than the cost of one matchday programme.

 Thanks for reading over the course of the campaign. For now I need to make space on this page for any follow up.  The ‘close season’ / World Cup columns continue in full, further on in this site.

Always a legend – despite the suspect hammy

16 Aug

With no game having been played since the win over Sheffield United last week, ‘The Last Word’ took the chance to catch up with former Bee, Paul Gibbs.

Despite leaving Griffin Park Imageback in 2002, Paul remains as popular now as he was then – to the extent of organizing May’s ‘legends’ match aswell as being a current ‘BeesPlayer’ pundit. He shares his thoughts on the season so far, but first  – that legend’s game.

Over the summer you were pivotal in organising the Bees Legends game v ‘Showbiz XI’. How did you find the whole experience?  I loved it! Peter Gillham called me and asked if I could help with the game. I said ‘Absolutely’! I got in touch with all my old mates from 2000 and they were all happy to play.  I got to speak to other players that were before  and after my time a time at Brentford,  which was great as I knew of them but never got to meet them. After only a few weeks I managed to get around 16-17 players confirmed and got the help from some old bees fans to assist me so it was a bit of a joint effort

And personally, the ‘hammy’ went after about a half hour. All ok now? I played in a game two weeks before at Brentford and I pulled it then. I had two weeks physio and knew it would not last but I just had to be there. I even moved our family holiday so I could play in it… (editor’s note: this is true – despite risking the wrath of mother-in-law) .

It was a game I would not miss and to catch up with some great lads I just had to be there. I lasted about 25 minutes I think and, to be honest, I thought it was going well until I decided to make an overlap run! But It was still great to be a part of it all.

Is it any

 coincidence that the Bees team started to score after you went off? That’s because I wore them down in the first 25 minutes!!  I will have to say I was very impressed with the fitness levels of all of the lads. Some of us were in the late 30’s or early 40’s but I think we played some great stuff! Scotty P and BBB were fantastic! 

Will we see you out there again? Will there be another legends game? I would love to get the club to support an Official Bees Legends team. Plymouth have a fantastic set up for their Legends and support them on their travels whilst I have people that will help get it off the ground.

I would love to get us into the ‘Masters’ and organise a London legends event but this will all have to go through the club, so we will wait and see. However, we have been asked to go to Plymouth next year and play in a Devon competition against Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay so we will get a team together for that…

Which ‘legend’ didn’t play but you’d love to have had involved?  Bob Booker he is a great guy I would have liked Martin Rowlands to play too! We all love a villain! I will get him next time!

And who impressed you the most from those that did? All of them did but Ben Burgess was amazing and Scotty Partridge, too!, Glenn Poole is a class act and Nathan Elder was fantastic!!!

Even Mark Chapman (Bees media team) got a run out in the last ten minutes? To be fair I promised him 10 mins as he works for the club but you don’t get a chance to play with the guys you support. I thought It would be nice for him to get a feel for what its like in the changing rooms and on the pitch and he did well!!


(The centre of the action – even off the pitch)

These days we can hear you popping up on BeesPlayer. How did all that come about?
 You certainly seem to enjoy it . Initially I was just asked to say a few words but it’s hard for me to say “only” a few words. I’m passionate about football and Brentford so it was easy for me to talk about the game. I really enjoy it and will be doing more this season, commentating with Mark on the game. So that will be fun!

Mark, Luis and the rest of the team are pretty slick, wouldn’t you agree?  Not bad for something they do as a ‘side project’. They are total pros and have a huge amount of passion for the bees. Its why Brentford its close to my heart as there are so many people that do so much for the club. I was very privileged to play for them so its my time to give something back

Will we hear much from you on ‘Player’ this season? I do hope so. Its’ a juggling act for me as I work away from my family through the week and weekends are for my kids but I will get to as many games as I can. It was 11 years ago that I left and all the fans still keep asking me if I have got my boots! It is lovely they still recognise me but, with this nose, I guess people cant forget me!

As for the Bees, what do you make of preseason and the opening games ? I don’t want to get carried away but I would be very disappointed if the Bees didn’t get automatic promotion this season. Uwe has done very well this season with his additions and watching the Sheffield United game showed a real strength in depth in the squad.

Does anyone stand out in particular? The whole team looked solid to be honest, but I always look at the centre spine of the team. If you’re strong through the middle you will do well and I think the gaffer has it right this year. I still think that you may need another striker but its looking very good this year.

What’s your opinion on Uwe ? It’s hard to say as I’m not in there with him but he seems to have the support of not only the board but the players, as it looks like they are really buying into what he is asking them to do. He seems to be very organised and methodical in his approach.. This season is a big one for him after last years effort and the fans will be expecting big things this year.

In the League cup Uwe fielded a very different team to that from the opening game of the league campaign. Is it something you agree with?  I ask you firstly as a player and then as a supporter.  As a player I want to play every game so I hate it when the managers do that! But its good for him to see what the other guys can do and it helps develop the squad so its a good thing (now I’m not playing)!

As a fan its a good thing as you get to see what the squad players are like and to see what youngsters you have coming through the ranks!

Is there any game – home or away – you are particularly looking forward to watching? Not really I just like getting to any game I can but the last game of the season when we are four points clear will be a good one!

Who is your dark horse to watch in the league this season? Coventry, I would say, as its all against them at the moment!

Where will the Bees finish? 2nd but I would love them to win it!! 

Wolves will be strong this year and I think Preston will do well.

You can read more about the Brentford legends at:





(‘Gibbs’ even popped up on ‘Soccer AM’ before the Doncaster game at the end of last season. With Max Rushden, Helen Chamberlain and the worst penalty takers ever – until 4.45 that afternoon )