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If you watch one video today, watch this. Why Matthew beats Assem.

6 Feb

Whilst this is primarily a Brentford FC blog, one of those subjects close to my heart this season has been the attempt by Hull City AFC owner Doctor Assem Allam to rename the club as Hull Tigers.

Whilst a backlash was predictable, the scale and heartfelt nature of this peaceful protest against the move has stunned even him. Inflammatory language has been forthcoming but the ‘No to Hull Tigers’ team has stood firm.

Indeed, this week they made their submission to the FA as to why the request to change the club’s name should be rejected, including the video below.

It reminded me, in part, of the excellent piece the Lionel Road team put together for their presentation to Hounslow Council. Moreso, though, it was yet another example of how lucky we are to have an owner like Matthew Benham. A man who talks and engages with fans whilst, at the same time, is building for the club’s future in the right way.

Like Doctor Allam at Hull, Matthew is looking to change things. But for the positive. So please, watch the video and follow @NotoHullTigers on twitter. The FA don’t yet have a date to announce what will happen to Hull City AFC but I hope they listen to the voice of the people.   Otherwise, I can’t imagine what carnage will follow.

And Brentford fans, don’t forget that our future is up in the air too. Just as I’m supporting the No To Hull Tigers team, I’d urge you to please sign the petition to Boris Johnson in regards to Lionel Road. This will only take you 15 seconds but the end result could last a lifetime .

Please. Get signing, here

‘No To Hull Tigers’ video for the FA