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Super Victor – he’s no Buzzette. EURO 2016 is here

10 Jun

Finally. EURO 2016 is here. Kicking off tonight with France v Romania we are treated to a month of International football, with, amongst others, tomorrow’s hotly anticipated start for England (against Russia) sure to have fans gripped.  Brentford is feeling more Wild West than West London at present, with the frequency / quality of Bees related news available summed up in one word: tumbleweed . As such, the tournament cannot come soon enough.

But before it even begins, it seems there has been an own goal. Of sorts. Of course, the tournament has a mascot – Super Victor. Named following a vote in which 107,790 people took part, he secured 48% of the vote ahead of alternative names Driblou (25%) and Goalix (27%).

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 05.40.13

Super Victor – you can also follow him on Twitter

All well and good. Granted he’s no Buzzette but, then again, who is ? Unfortunately, he’s more than just a mascot.

It seems that the figure who is sure to be plastered all over the tournament shares his name with what can only be described as a 5.5kg ‘industrial sized’ marital aid. If you look around Google (don’t look up – Super Victor Toy) or online adult ‘shopping sites’ (definitely don’t), please clear your search history. Nobody wants any embarrassing incidents in the name of research.

The Guardian are amongst those leading the story last night which, it seems, has been doing the rounds for sometime. They also quote a source from UEFA who has advised, “All we can say is that they [the sex aids] are not produced by Uefa.

Moving swiftly on from adult products, we’ve no further news in the hunt for the new Brentford shirt beyond Kitman Bob’s confirmation that any suggestion of next season’s top being akin to the recently released Sheffield United outfit was “not even close !!!” . Indeed, the “only similarity is red & wht”. Does this mean that black will be missing? Or just a reference to our main colours? Who knows? I’m just glad the Euros are here to distract.

The other Brentford related news (and trust me, this really is scraping the barrel) is a spot from fellow Kit enthusiast , Luis Adriano. You may have seem this already from earlier in the week but it still makes me chuckle. He stumbled across the following whilst searching for the mysterious green adidas shirt…..

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 20.31.58

No caption needed

Much as I love Brentford, summer is always a tough time for us. We just don’t , normally, do ‘big’ news whilst the later than usual kit release is having us all hanging.

What a beautiful distraction this tournament promises to be. With Dave and Billy from  Beesotted already en-route , you can expect plenty of updates from the heart of the action. From these pages, you can expect plenty of nonsense from the heart of the sofa.

However you follow the action, enjoy.

Nick Bruzon