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One transfer has already happened – and it’s bad news for Brentford

6 Jan

With all the talk at the moment about the interest from Sheffield Wednesday and Burnley in Alan Judge and James Tarkowski (along with a soupçon of Jota to Eibar, on loan) , there’s a story that may have escaped the notice of Brentford fans. However, with hoards of away supporters due shortly – Walsall, Middlesbrough and Burnley all visit in close succession – one thing will be different as they make their way down the Great West Road.

I’m not one for stealing other people’s work, so all credit to Salina Patel of Get West London for running this story on Monday . However, I am one for sharing a great cause and so it was with dismay that I read of the removal of the iconic Lucozade sign over Christmas, to be replaced by a tacky looking digital version.

Whilst most of us were polishing off the last of the cold sprouts and giant Toblerone, the people at Lucozade HQ were rushing through this change and, with it, ripping down an iconic bit of local history.

But a petition has already been launched, by Gary Farnan, with the self-explanatory title: Bring back Brentfords Iconic Lucozade Sign. Remove the Hideous digital advertising board.


Before and after – as seen on Gary’s petition

Close to 1500 have already added their names to this, urging the soft drink giants to reverse their decision. And you can add your name to the list, by signing the petition here.

We may have no influence over Brentford’s transfer policy on the pitch, but this is one matter where you can make your voice heard. The sign is one that has been familiar to thousands of local residents for years and which says “You’re home”. Likewise, as recognisable an image for visiting fans as seeing the floodlights from the motorway,

Please. Bring this back.

If nothing else, Lucozade is off my shopping list as long as the new sign stays in place.

And finally, on the subject of the much maligned transfer rumours, I saw this social media post from fellow blogger Jordan Nugara. Some might argue that there is a good case for this anyway but if the club were in any doubt as to the depth of feeling for Jota, then here it is.

Rasmus, over to you….

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 07.37.04

How much does Rasmus value his hair 🙂


Nick Bruzon