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The good, the bad and the ugly. Bees undone by Leeds, Leicester City scoop more awards whilst this is one scary Santa. A week in football.

19 Dec

Brentford were hit by the ultimate sucker punch at Leeds United – an 89th minute goal from a short corner as the Elland Road outfit ran out 1-0 winners. At the tops its ‘as you were’. Dwight Gayle doing what he does for Newcastle United to move further ahead of Scott Hogan in the Championship scorer charts whilst Brighton kept pace with a 2-1 win at Birmingham City. At the bottom, Cardiff traded places with Blackburn Rovers who once again take up their place in the relegation spots alongside Wigan Athletic and Rotherham. Indeed, only the ongoing ineptitude of those teams stopping QPR from joining them although that gap now down to a mere three points….

That’s the latest Championship action in a nutshell. Yet there has been so much more going on in the division and beyond. In the latest edition of our regular, weekly feature we look back at those things you might have missed from the world of social media.

Actually, there hasn’t been that much this week. That, or the Christmas party season has meant social media usage is a lot less than usual. But we’ll root through the detritus to start with Brentford and the last knockings from the game at Leeds United.

Despite the incredible £37/£42 ticket prices, supporters were in good voice.


Scott hogan’s goal WAS onside.


Leeds supporters show just what the win means.


Tom Field underlined his importance to this team.


Off the field, there was exciting news on the injury front.


Whilst, as you could almost have predicted, Martin Allen has done what he does best and now set up an FA Cup third round tie at Griffin Park.


And one we missed last week but worth a look – just for a surreal headline / teaser line image c/o Beeschat. One can only imagine what takes place over there toast at Dean Smith’s domestic tactical workshop.


Elsewhere, pickings were slim. Just what is going on at Birmingham City?


What is going on at Leicester City?


What is going on at Manchester City?


Is Mike Phelan channelling his inner Fred Dibnah? Just a flat cap short of the full look…


Up in Scotland, Santa has taken a very scary turn for the worst.


Perhaps he’s been listening to the advertisers.


In more advertising news , Nike have displayed incredible precognitive powers.


Whilst on the BBC, Sunday night’s Sports Personality of the year saw Leicester City triumph (twice) and Andy Murray receiving his overall winner’s award via a video link up from a friend.


But, as ever, we close with Ian Moose and his birthday friend of the week. Which of his good friends from the world of football did the Talksport DJ wish happy birthday to, via the medium of a Twitter post and picture of them together?

This week: Preston manager Simon Grayson.


Nick Bruzon


The best Christmas present some fans could have hoped for.

25 Dec

I wasn’t going to write anything today but the combination of a two-year old son and a potential visit from Santa has meant the excitement levels have been raised somewhat in our house. But that’s just me – at the time of writing Harry is fast asleep and, I’d imagine, dreaming of Buzzette (or, again, is that just me?). With a home game against Brighton tomorrow and Christmas today my focus should be elsewhere. Yet I still can’t help think about poor Fulham and, to a lesser extent, Bournemouth. This, following the announcement of their failure in the Financial Fair Play audits for 2014/15 that, for the record, Brentford passed.


Dreaming of Buzzette….

Audit’. Is there any less thrilling word in the English language? It ranks in the top five of those to avoid at this time of year along with, ‘Next’, ‘Mrs’. ‘Browns’ and ‘Boys’ .

Ordinarily something that would send you to sleep, the news of Fulham breaching regulations (or, technically, ‘cheating’) has brought a smile to the face of many Brentford fans. See also : Bournemouth who, just for the record, did also pip us to a Premier League promotion slot that season.

I’m not bitter about that part. Our season was stunning and, regardless of anybody else’s spending, I think that with a tad more squad rotation in the final quarter The Bees might have done it. It is simply noted as a statement of fact for you to draw your own conclusions or form your own opinions.

Indeed, ongoing compliance with these rules is partly the reason that Brentford have had to sell the likes of Andre Gray, Moses Odubajo and Will Grigg. To ensure that our own expenditure remains within the limits laid down by the footballing authorities.

Likewise, I’m not one to overly laugh in the face of our rivals. After all, Christmas is a time when we are encouraged to remember the needy and those less fortunate.

The somewhat bland statement issued by Fulham tells you so much about their own precarious state. You can read it on their website if you want, but their key admission would seem to be that : The embargo arises as the Club made an adjusted loss greater than the £6m limit allowed by the Football League in the year following relegation. The Football League has since recognised this limit is low, especially for clubs recently relegated with Premier League overheads in place, and the limit has now increased to £13m per annum. Unfortunately Fulham’s embargo falls in the final year of the previous limit, but the Club does not anticipate being in breach in future years.

Going on to blame their own purchase of Ross McCormack and Matt Smith (Doctor Who?), the club’s additional justification about this being a ‘low’ limit conveniently fails to mention all those lovely parachute payments designed to help such huge spending teams avoid this sort of situation. Amongst other things. In what world is a loss of £6million deemed ‘low’ but £13million is probably something to worry about?

As I say, today is not the day to laugh at anybody. Moreso given their budget breach didn’t actually achieve anything. 2-1 and 4-1 to Brentford, wasn’t it? Instead, I’ll simply bid you a happy Christmas, suggest you avoid BBC1 tonight and hope to see you all at Griffin Park for the Brighton game on Boxing Day.

Christmas TV

Warning: he’s back

And finally…. Whereas yesterday I offered our reader the gift of music and, specifically, ‘The Quo’, we’ll finish up today with the gift of artwork. Stunning artwork.

I have no idea who produced this but hats off. It is absolutely in my all time favourite pictures of the year.

As one terrace wag involved in sharing this with me noted, ”Thing is, you can imagine Marinus just ignoring a unicorn if it was there.”

Happy Christmas.

Marinus unicorn

Simply brilliant

Nick Bruzon