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Bees PR team does it again as confusion follows confusion

30 Sep

When it comes to managerial PR, Brentford are top of the league. There can’t be many who still don’t look back on last season’s Villagegate affair, which eventually saw Mark Warburton swap the English Championship for the Scottish and Glasgow Rangers, with nothing but frustration. Yet we seem to have done it again after a lacklustre performance against Birmingham City.

Having gone down the course of the ‘new model’, Marinus Dijkhuizen was replaced after just 8 league games for reasons which have still not been made clear. Beyond a statement saying that we have ‘parted company’, nothing else of any substance has been forthcoming in the statements from either Brentford ‘official’ or Chairman Cliff Crown. Matthew Benham meanwhile, normally quite vocal in social media, has been keeping a very low profile.

That said, Lee Carsley was immediately installed as the replacement head coach in a flurry of positivity with those same club sources telling us why he was THE right man for this role. Which begs the question as to why he is then being quoted as saying what he is alleged to have done following the no-show against Birmingham City.

Jacob Murtagh has published a series of comments attributed to Lee on Twitter after the game, the most surprising of which is the admission that he doesn’t want the role and it isn’t something he “put his his hand up for”.

Jacob Murtagh's series of Carsley quotes

Jacob Murtagh’s series of Carsley quotes

As a means of motivating players and galvanising fans, its up there with installing a Leroy Rosenior and Terry Butcher double as a joint managerial team.

Naïve? Taken out of context? Or a genuine desire not to be involved in a role for which we are being told he is going to be occupying until the end of this season. Whatever the explanation, and this isn’t a rant agasint Lee – far from it; you can’t BUT admire his honesty – I just hope somebody comes out and makes a statement to shed further light on the whole situation.

By Lee’s own admission we were “flat, quiet, predictable”. With the team struggling, we need some positivity about the place. Fans were confused enough about the whole Warburton / Rangers scenario although many of us have had the trust to see how the new era will play out. I still want to – you surely don’t embark on a path of this nature to turn around so quickly.

That said, if Lee is indeed to be the man to keep us out of a relegation dogfight – and based on the first 9 games (yes, I know its one short of the 10 I normally stand by, but use the cup result against Oxford if you need double figures) that’s what we are heading for – then please come out and give us some full and positive updates. For everybody’s sakes.

Lee talks to Beesplayer after the game

Lee talks to Beesplayer after the game

There’s nothing worse for morale than angry supporters, arguing amongst each other and airing our dirty laundry in public. They’ve got an absolute right to feel frustrated and these sort of follow up comments from the broader club team aren’t going to help matters any.

We are where we are. This squad still has far too much quality, especially on the treatment table (where the likes of Jota and Josh McEachran are getting closer to a return), to consider this season a write off. But we need to start showing it.

Being honest, I think we are now in for a tough few weeks. I just hope our management come out with some more robust comms about the last few days and, equally, the future.

Nobody likes uncertainty – moreso when the fate of the team we love and club we support is so far outside of our control.If only the fans’ forum had taken place three or four days later but now that chance for clarity has vanished as quickly as Marinus.

Come on Bees top brass. Please, see if you can say the right thing.

Nick Bruzon