Christian Eriksen IS a Bee. Biggest, ever signing confirmed.

31 Jan

It’s official. My word!! Christian Eriksen is an actual Bee. Brentford official made the much anticipated announcement on Monday morning with the player signing a reported six-month contract. The Denmark international midfielder and former Ajax, Spurs and Inter Milan man goes into the squad and is now, in theory, available for Everton. For Manchester City. For the rest of our first Premier League campaign. If Pontus Jansson was a marquee signing then the acquisition of Eriksen is ten times better. What a way to start a Monday morning.

We’ve been reading the stories for the last fortnight or so. What seemed like the most ludicrous rumour slowly talking shape. Gathering substance. Early last week, a Danish film crew flew over to talk with fans in The Griffin about the possibility of the move coming to fruition. The feeling amongst those of us with an ear to the ground suggesting that, for once, this wasn’t click-bait but actually something with legs.

Then, Sunday evening, Sky Sports were amongst those running a story about how the deal was done. Extensive medical tests passed and personal terms with Brentford agreed. The signing expected to be made later in the week. Exciting news to fall asleep to and then even better to wake up with. At 8am this morning, it happened. The news confirmed. The most remarkable conclusion to the awful, awful events of Euro 2020 officially revealed. For Christian alone, let alone the supporters sure to welcome him with open arms.

The excitement around TW8 palpable. Its’ all anyone has been talking about over the winter break, that brief diversion over the weekend aside (Sergi’s new hairstyle, obv). A signing so contrary to our model that it almost defies belief. 109 caps for Denmark. 36 international goals. An attacking midfielder who is genuinely up there with the very best players in world football. And he’s coming to Brentford. That’s a fact which cannot be overstated enough. It’s simply incredible

One can’t help but think back to what happened over the summer. The raw emotion. The obvious connection. Let’s not pretend it won’t be close to everyone’s minds when he runs out with Brentford for the first time. It’s the instinctive reaction but, equally, we have to put trust in medical science. Not least Christian and his family. In the fact that this wouldn’t be allowed to happen if there was thought to be any chance of risk to the player.

If nothing else, we’ve that huge connection to CRY. Andy Scott retired early whilst we’ll never forget Rob Rowan and remain eternally thankful for his legacy. You can still donate here, btw.

For now, all we can do is look forward with excitement. With lips being licked. Let’s also remember that Christian hasn’t played since the Euros. Is it feasible to expect him to hit the ground running or will it be a cautious reintroduction to first team football? One can only assume the later. Whether Everton is too soon, who knows? Setting up the winner for Ivan at Manchester City, perhaps? Or even bagging it himself?

If nothing else, what does Thomas Frank now do with his midfield? With his entire team? The international power trio of Norgaard, Eriksen and Jensen is one the headline writers will be screaming out for. The core of the Danish midfield now at the centre of ours. Then what of Vitaly and Shandon? Of the imminent return for Josh Dasilva? From looking thinner than the laughs in an average episode of My Family (happy now, Mrs Browns Boys fan?) we’re now stuffed to the gunnels. Spoiled for choice with options that just can’t be met in full. What a lovely problem for Thomas to have. What a way to perhaps push Ivan higher up and focus on doing what he does best. To spare him from having to cover so much of that additional ground.

It was the GPG who nailed it in the build-up last night. All of a sudden, Bradley Walsh becomes only the second most famous person to sign for the Bees.

Or the third depending on where you put Chris Kamara. One thing’s for sure, this news is unbelievable. Get used to it though. Things have just become very real. The only thing to perhaps eclispe Frank Lampard’s first game in charge of Everton at the weekend may have just happened. One thing’s for sure, the return to training could be fun today.

Now, time to go to the back of the wardrobe and dig out those 96-98 shirts….

Time to get these out once again

Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “Christian Eriksen IS a Bee. Biggest, ever signing confirmed.”

  1. David Carney January 31, 2022 at 8:53 am #

    I can only wish Christian Eriksen the very best of luck as he bravely returns to competitive football in the world’s most competitive league.
    Brave is an understatement because the medical profession, no matter what the quality of the medical he has undergone, are, no doubt, still learning from brave should such as Eriksen.
    I have some first Hand experience of athletes almost dying with heart conditions, two of my daughters. Both were very close to death, both were world class athletes and both had developed entirely different heart conditions bought about be elite sport competition. Both, though UK born represented Australia at world Championship level in Athletics and Triathlon World Championships. Emma is a dual world champion in triathlon and World #1, for more than 3 years before the effects of heart damage slowed her (not that anyone detected the condition). Clare is a Junior World Champion in triathlon whose career was cut short by chronic injury and had been retired for around 10 years before the cardiac arrest.
    No doubt the heart condition of Eriksen is quite different to that of two of my daughters, but no less dangerous for him.
    The approach of the Italian football authorities is no surprise, unlike the approach of the English football authorities and we can only all hope and pray that Eriksen will return to full fitness and that his as effective a footballer as he was before his near death experience.
    No doubt Eriksen is very brave, Brenford are brave and the Premier League is pioneering, but it is still a very risky venture for all concerned, particularly Eriksen.
    Is it foolhardy, who knows, but there is risk and whilst my daughter Emma is still exercising at a level beyond most mortals the extreme exercise and competition is no longer possible. Let us all hope that Eriksen’s heart condition is such that he can return to elite competition without endangering his life.
    I, for one, though nervous for Christian Eriksen am in awe of his personal bravery. Whether he succeeds or not in returning to the level he was performing before his cardiac arrest or not, what he is doing is courageous beyond belief.
    What Brentford are doing is leaving senior officials open to unfair criticism should everything go pear shaped, but should be applauded for what will be learned with the obvious research that will come from the medical readings of how Cristian Eriksen performs.
    Best of luck Christian Eriksen for being such a brave pioneer and all credit to Brentford.

  2. Martin January 31, 2022 at 12:32 pm #

    Nick, you have missed by far the most important thing to emerge from this. No one can ever criticise your photoshop skills again.

    • nickbruzon February 1, 2022 at 6:35 am #

      I know, It was awful, wasn’t it

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