Crazy transfers, spray on pants and the chance to win a cup tie

9 Aug

Brentford travel to Exeter City in the first round of the League Cup tonight, no doubt anxious to make up for last season’s humiliation at this stage when Oxford United were given the freedom of Griffin Park. Elsewhere, those of us with half an ear to the wider football grapevine can breath a huge sigh of relief at the news that the Paul Pogba to Manchester United saga is finally over. And Olympic fever is slowly taking hold in the Bruzon household.

First up, as ever, Brentford. The trip to Exeter City marks a chance for the Bees to start another attempt at a cup run after a  somewhat disappointing last couple of seasons. Capitulation in the FA cup against Brighton in 2014/15 was followed by last season’s no show at home to Walsall. As for the League Cup, who needs any reminder of the tie with League Two Oxford United?

Well, all of us do – just to make sure it never happens again. Dean, if you are reading (you aren’t)  I realise this wasn’t your fault but….

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Marinus Oxford touchline

The Oxford United fiasco (not a prog rock band)



Steve Austin – 0.5 of a Grabban

Nick Bruzon


2 Responses to “Crazy transfers, spray on pants and the chance to win a cup tie”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 9, 2016 at 3:03 pm #

    Bournemouth spending £9m on Grabban and more on a Liverpool reserve seems insane when it wasnt that long ago supporters were shaking buckets outside the ground to save the club. I truly hope it doesnt bite them on the backsides in the future.

    Speaking of AFCB it does annoy me that Man U can spend £89m on Pogba yet flat refuse to give £100 each to Cherries supporters who made the journey to Old Trafford for the bomb scare game due to negligent stadium staff.

    Ah the Olympics, or as I like to call BBC1’s coverage ‘The One Show Special’. Thank goodness for the red button or we all would have to put up with endless interviews, presenters not having a scooby what they are talking about. Posh Breakfast presenters explaining what a bike looks like, presenters hulahooping, what its like to be in a canoe etc when all we want to see is the finals from the early hours. This has to be the worst coverage ever, a bit like the BBC’s football coverage. The red button and website has saved my sanity. And your right, I hate this TeamGB nonsense sounds a bit too transatlantic for my liking.

  2. RebelBee August 9, 2016 at 3:17 pm #

    Could really use a positive result tonight, just to get us off the mark and in better shape for Saturday. Is it really a year since that shocker Vs Oxford, with that bloke Marinus the Hungarian truck driver arms folded in the dug out.

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