Another cup defeat for Bees as Cheltenham – Charlton sees the night’s real winners.

10 Aug

Another season, another cup defeat. As Exeter City eased past Brentford to reach the second round of the EFL cup, Bees supporters were left with the scant consolation that at least we can concentrate on the league until January. Given some of the post match soundbites, I was half expecting to see that one put in an appearance alongside “We go again”. And elsewhere, Cheltenham Town produced the result of the evening against Charlton Athletic – in their programme .

Hey, at least we got to 90 minutes without conceding a goal. The ignominy of defeat coming with the solitary goal of the evening being tucked away late in the first period of extra time. Harlee Dean was quick to apologise, noting “It wasn’t good enough again. We didn’t create chances and we didn’t test their goalkeeper”, although he did go on to add that “I think as a defensive unit we were solid”…..

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The Sky cameras show our latest attempt at the unorthodox



Nick Bruzon


4 Responses to “Another cup defeat for Bees as Cheltenham – Charlton sees the night’s real winners.”

  1. RebelBee August 10, 2016 at 7:45 am #

    Disappointing to go out like that last night, and for all the planning and preparation it does feel a bit like 12 months ago in some ways (squad strength and injuries particularly).
    But let’s be honest the result and team selection at Exeter weren’t a complete shock, and i’m not reaching for the barbiturates just yet. Huge props to the 400 odd Bees who went, that is a brilliant effort and shows how deep and loyal our support is. I think a sensible critique of where we are at, and our performances and prospects are completely fair, BUT i’m certain that if we do not get behind the club & team right now we risk creating a self fulfilling prophecy which could see us back in League 1 sharpish. A couple of new signings and a win on Saturday and the world looks very different, I hope that all our fans however frustrated can see this, and will get to GP in numbers to support, and help stop a blip becoming a slump.

    The reference to Charlton today is important and a reminder of what can happen to a great club when it is the wrong hands, supporters of many other championship clubs should also have concerns about their new ownership. So let’s take a moments pause to reflect on our fortune to have the owner that we have. Sure others have deeper pockets and we won’t agree with all that MB does, but this guy had masterminded our rise to this level, brought incredible players and football to the club and kept us here for 3 seasons already. He has earned our trust and support – so give him and the players that and we’ll be OK.

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 10, 2016 at 2:05 pm #

    I cant help but feel that our current situation is actually worse than the similar period last year. At least last year we signed players and clearly had reasonable competition for places in all areas. OK fitness was poor, but im not convinced the fitness of some players is much better this time around. This summers signings seem to have been made mostly through Dean Smith’s phone book, the latest, the non-contract signing of Ledesma has both been vital in making up the numbers, and embarrasing in showing how disorganised and desperate plans seem to be. What on Earth are Rasmussen & Giles even doing? The whole thing sends a message to our Championship rivals that Brentford are simply not ready for this season and are very much there for the taking. Additionally we are so utterly desperate for a striker now as it appears Hoff has gone so far backwards in his footballing ability that he cant cope with a 15 year old playing against him. Recent events in Brasilia mean that we can expect to be without Lasse for the next 2 games. I just hope Hogan stays fit!

  3. Charles Payne August 10, 2016 at 9:19 pm #

    Two disappointing defeats in 4 days but nowhere near as disappointing as the footage from last night of the Exeter free kick where three of our players are messing about behind the defensive wall trying to obstruct the Exeter ‘keepers view of proceedings. Pathetic and embarrassing and rightly ridiculed by the opposition fans. To think that the club pay a set-piece coach and this is the best he can come up with. Shame on you Smith, Giles and Rasmussen or whoever it is who endorses this particular tactic. Get a grip the lot of you.

  4. gordonbankole August 11, 2016 at 9:16 am #

    Not sure if you saw this Nick but the oh so competent and popular Ms Meire has been appointed to the FA council as a Football League (I refuse to call it the EFL) representative. Even by the dire standards of English football administration this is astonishing.

    Very predictably, a petition has been set up already to remove her!



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