Bees got that vibe as that man beats Robins.

2 Apr

Another Saturday, another win. Brentford eased past a hapless Bristol City side 2-0 as though they weren’t even there. And in truth, for most of their first half showing, they weren’t. It was another game where we were left waiting for the consummate 90 minute performance. That’s no criticism. Perhaps with the game well safe and Tuesday night’s visit from Leeds United in mind, one can understand us slipping back down into cruise control. At the end of the day, Clive, Dean Smith will rightly point to a clean sheet, a dominant (if somewhat restrained) display, two goals and a clean sheet. And I defy any fan to tell me they wouldn’t have taken that if offered before kick off?

IMG_2625 (1)

View from the Braemar – Romaine Sawyers got stuck in to City (c/o Tim Griffiths, thanks!)

As ever, get your full fat match reports on the BBC, Brentford official, Beesotted etc. Those of us that were there would have seen a game that was never in doubt from the off and was all but wrapped when Lasse Vibe doubled the scoreline on 26 minutes. This, after Sergi picked up where he’d left off at Burton Albion.

The spaniard’s opener one that Brentford fans were relieved to see in more ways than one after Joe Bryan had scythed through the wing wizard leaving him prostrate in agony. For a while it looked like our man of the moment was in all sorts of trouble. “I heard that one from up here”, one observer at the back of the Braemar Road would later note. For those of us on the touchline, right in front of where the incident occurred, there were most definitely hearts in mouths

You’re Donald Trump, you are”, shouted one young fan at referee Simon Hooper. The yellow card waved at the Bristol City man engendering the wrath of supporters who had been closer to the assault than the man in the middle. Thankfully, the enthusiastic young Bee (Sergi, rather than our own political commentator) was soon back on his feet to administer the perfect payback – an opening goal as he fired home from a parried free kick on 18 minutes.

Lasse Vibe soon made it two, heading home from a ball that was fired forward into the box, flicked up as it continued it’s journey to the back of the bet and finally steered home by the Great Dane. It was due reward not only for the Brentford faithful as for two IFK Göteborg fans who had come across to see their former favourite in action.

Interestingly, Lasse’s own own strike rate in Brentford colours of 0.367 (25 goals in 68) is now just behind that of Andre Gray on 0.38 (18 in 47). However, to see just how prolific he has been (Will Grigg supporters, please take note of this true definition of ‘on fire‘) , Brentford official nailed things wonderfully.

After that, we were all expecting it to be a question of how many Brentford chose to inflict upon the visitors. Instead, as the one-sided first half came to an end,  we sat back and waited for Leeds United. Sure, City hit the bar and the post in some rare sorties but, in truth, they could still be playing now and one can only imagine they’d have struggled to hit a barn door with a proverbial banjo. They really were that far out of their depth.

As ever, Sky TV have the video highlights up already. Alternatively, the official highlights are longer, have the commentary from none other than our own Mark Burridge and, more importantly, are now available to all.

We’ve got that Vibe. And that Canos. And Mark Burridge

Outside the ground, there was a stranger than usual vibe. Choruses of  “No surrender, No surrender to the IRA” ringing around the beer garden of The Griffin in a somewhat unusual choice of prematch song from Robin’s supporters. Seriously? In 2017 this one seemed about thirty years past its sell by date. Likewise, whilst perhaps more understandable, there seemed to be a lot of agitation towards Bristol Rovers. This is Brentford. Who? Cares?

As the aforementioned Braemar Road observer would also note – “How bad do things have to be that you hate, actually HATE, Bristol Rovers?” . A team about as inoffensive to most as pink unicorns or the Care Bears.  Despite the divisional gap (for now) it did seem as though they had somewhat of a huge inferiority complex. Yeah, we get it. You hate Bristol Rovers. Yawn.  Then again, geography counts for a lot. An awful lot. Perhaps Rovers being to City as Mrs Brown and her boys or the Loftus Road mob are to yours truly.


City supporters in happier mood at full time, despite sliding down (the table)

Oh well, perhaps they can sort it out amongst themselves in League One next season. That’s assuming City aren’t overtaken, of course. With Rovers just two wins away from the League One play offs, there’s only one point separating fourth bottom City from the relegation places in the Championship. As for Brentford, we’re up to twelfth and the knowledge that a win over Leeds United on Tuesday night could see us back in the top ten.

Beating Leeds United will be a huge ask, of course. But their own defeat to play-off rivals Reading yesterday shows it is possible, despite the goal scoring prowess of Chris Wood. With a place in the play offs all but assured, can we use this one to continue our own upward trajectory? The Bees are three points clear of QPR and Fulham have to be next in the sights. With games against both still to come, the crown of Championship kings of West London (one worn by the Bees last season) is still, mathematically, up for grabs.

If anybody was in any doubt as to what we still have to play for, Beesplayer commentator par excellence Mark Burridge summed things up perfectly once the dust had settled . “Still lots to play for, another top 10 finish & win the derby games – so much to look forward to for Brentford FC fans next season too” he opined on social media.

Well said, Mark. With just 7(seven) games to go, the season still has plenty to offer. On Tuesday night at Griffin Park we find out how much.

Nick Bruzon 


9 Responses to “Bees got that vibe as that man beats Robins.”

  1. Rob April 2, 2017 at 9:48 am #

    One other thing to look forward to before the end of the season; the return to the match day squad of one Alan Judge. Music to my ears!

    • nickbruzon April 2, 2017 at 10:02 am #

      Just imagine the reception he’ll get running out there….

    • Ratcatcher April 2, 2017 at 10:06 am #

      Everyone in all the leagues will cheer that.

  2. Gordonbankole April 2, 2017 at 10:06 am #

    Dear Nick

    Well written as ever. “No surrender to the IRA” is as tiresome as it is dated, a bit like the England band (I only realised after your comments that Bernie Clifton of Crackerjack fame was involved with them).

    However, unusually you are wrong with your stats. I think you’ll find that Bristol Rovers are in League One after two successive promotions, and are doing very nicely this season too. The play-offs might be a step too far but are not an impossibility. Basically, the gap between them and City is not that much any more.

    Anyway, a fine performance yesterday which makes those turgid months between October and January more than a little frustrating.



    • nickbruzon April 2, 2017 at 10:17 am #

      Thank you Gordon. A fat fingered, slow-witted moment if ever I had one. Many thanks indeed for pointing this out. And suitably corrected

  3. Ratcatcher April 2, 2017 at 10:21 am #

    As an old timer writing this from France I read everything that’s written about the Bees and my support has not diminished since the early days of 1956 when I was taken by my dad (now long gone) for my first match. These were the days of Towers and Francis but it is today’s team that is the most exciting and the whole club is full of great young players who are going to take us into the Premier league. For the first time Brentford don’t need to sell or buy players, their squad is that good and when Alan Judge is finally fighting fit we will be unstoppable except of course by the flying tackles from outplayed opposition men, as young Canos also found out. He should wear that label with pride, ‘the only way to stop me is to foul me.’ A good club on the rise and a good team of young players also on the rise. Great stuff you Bees.

    • nickbruzon April 2, 2017 at 10:23 am #

      Thank you RC. Proof, yet again, the t Bees family is far more succinct and astute than yours truly.
      ‘The only way to stop me is to foul me’. How true of Sergi. How very true

  4. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) April 2, 2017 at 11:30 am #

    The first half was outstanding with City just chasing shadows throughout. 2-0 and very comfortable at HT. Second half & we got a bit messy, but we were never in any danger as City were very poor.

    4-1-4-1 formation worked wonderfully. Woods outstanding. Romaine, certainly in his best 3 games for us. KK was even more involved. In defence, Yoann loving every minute of being involved. he will only get better and better the more game time he gets. The cross field pass to Jota was astonishing. Lasse now full of confidence and his performance level has vastly improved. Really looking forward now how we tackle Leeds on Tuesday.

    A word on Bristol Rovers. Spotted a handful of Rovers fans in ER, thoroughly enjoying their day out and particularly liking the chant to City fans of ‘Your just a shit Bristol Rovers’

    • peter lumley April 2, 2017 at 8:36 pm #

      An excellent performance from an exciting squad of talented young players. My only gripe,Sergi should have scored seven minutes earlier! In the shirt competition I predicted he would score the first goal in the eleventh minute and that the Bees would win 2-0!! Do I deserve some sort of consolation prize?

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