A season defining game and the chance to correct football’s biggest jinx await.

13 Mar

Well this really is an evening with everything to play for. Whilst most neutral observers may well be focussed on Manchester United and the Champions League, it is the Championship where there’s a story of genuine excitement and intrigue building. Brentford host a Cardiff City team looking to make it 7(seven) successive league wins. Victory will see them afforded a chance to draw level with a Wolves team whose seemingly unassailable lead at New Year has melted away quicker than the snow that caused this fixture to be postponed ten days ago. A gap of 12 points after they beat us in early January has now become just 3. Is it conceivable Cardiff could actually catch up with them tonight?

Let’s just cut that one stone dead in it’s tracks. Whilst something that is technically possible, I can’t see it happening. For one thing, Wolves are also in action. They host a Reading team who have offered little this season and are flirting with the relegation zone a touch too much for their liking. Thankfully for the Royals, the ongoing ineptitude of Birmingham City, Sunderland and Burton should see them home, even if their safety is acquired by accident rather than design.

More importantly, we’re also involved. Brentford thumped Millwall on Saturday in everything but goals scored. It was an extremely frustrating end to an afternoon where we did everything but score. Instead, George Saville did the needful for our genial hosts as Andreas Bjelland was left dead in the water after aggravating an Achilles problem he’d felt in the warm up.

There’s no complaints from me. We’ve been saying all season that goals, rather than possession and opportunity, are what win games. Millwall did what they needed to and then more than rode their luck. Equally though, I’m expecting Brentford to come out of the blocks flying tonight. There’s still a hope of the play offs although an eight point gap is going to need reeling in and with games running out, what better time to start than this evening?

Millwall wide (1)

Functional breeze blocks. Millwall on Saturday

I also fancy Neal Maupay to prove a point tonight. I’ve no doubt that with Dean juggling his squad, the enigmatic striker will be back in the starting XI. If nothing else, he’ll have a point to prove to professional loud mouth and moron, Ian Moose. We all know what the imbecilic Talk Sport shock jock said after our sides met at the Cardiff City stadium back in November (and it wasn’t, “Happy Birthday, my good friend….”). I’m backing Neal to make him eat his own words, something that would be quite ironic given it’s normally the half-time catering that Mr. Moose has a morbid fixation with ingesting.

Expect Neal to start whilst Chris Mepham for Andreas is an absolute given. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sergi given a rest, especially knowing Cardiff’s propensity to concede second half goals. Ten of the last eleven they’ve let in have been after the sides have come back out (and I’ll thank the BBC for that one!). Likewise, could this be the time for Josh McEachran to shine? Back from injury, he’ll no doubt be knocking down Dean’s door with a point to prove.

Sky TV are in attendance tonight. I’m not surprised given what is at stake and the results have fallen wonderfully for them. Whilst Manchester United v Sevilla in the Champions League on BT is the obvious draw to the neutral, this one has got it all to play for. It has so many more sub-plots and possibilities at stake than simply whether Jose Mourinho can grind his team through to their own next round.

Even better, why not get yourself down to Griffin Park? Tickets are still available for what promises to be a potentially season defining game. For both teams. Neil Warnock is the current manager of the month and even managed to dodge ‘the jinx’ after receiving his award on Friday. Win the prize; lose your next game.

Then again, the match immediately after that was against Birmingham City. The Blues are displaying such wonderful anti-form at present they couldn’t organise a banjo in a brewery with a barn door. As such, no surprises Cardiff managed to anger the footballing gods and avoid the traditional post-award slip up.

Instead, it’s up to Brentford to right that wrong. Can The Bees do it? I can’t wait for 7.45 when we find out. See you there.


Fully dseserved for Neil Warnock. But can The Bees correct the jinx?

Nick Bruzon


7 Responses to “A season defining game and the chance to correct football’s biggest jinx await.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) March 13, 2018 at 12:30 pm #

    Looking forward to a bonus game under the lights. I agree I think Maupay will start, lets hope he is not trying too hard and gets himself into trouble. I agree on the other suggestions. In line with my comments Sunday id put Judge in, but I have a feeling it will be Kamo instead. Have to disagree on McEachran though, Woods all the way for me & Josh’s only way in is if Woods is unavailable.

    As for TV, I think we will be surprised that there will be a fair few neutrals who would choose our game over Man U. Even Sunday when faced with a choice of Arsenal-Watford or Forest-Derby it was the East Midlands derby that got my vote.

  2. Moriarty March 13, 2018 at 10:24 pm #

    BFC outclassed tonight, by Cardiff, a ruthless, well drilled side, with no salient weaknesses, an excellent and motivational manager, with money being spent on good quality players for a promotion push.
    Great team defence and deadly counters, with real goal scorers and players with height, who can deal with aerial duels, unlike Brentford, who are largely smallish in comparison and often failed to clear convincingly in the box, defending poorly at times , especially against Cardiff set pieces.
    BFC, with passes a plenty, but much of it comprising the “unload to the nearest teammate” nature, frantic, going nowhere really, except into the next Cardiff defensive position. BFC corners produced nothing. Cardiff exuded team confidence and efficiency, whilst Brentford often looked a blunt force and short of ideas; they just couldn’t match the Cardiff tactics, who were too clever for a busy, but largely, inneffective Brentford .
    It would be unfair on the present team, to expect them to have got into the promotion chase, as they haven’t got the right team combination to succeed at a higher level. The heavyweights in the division, are now showing their class and it shows , sadly, when BFC play these teams.

    • Hobbo March 14, 2018 at 12:03 am #

      Outclassed no way, out muscled yes,only one team consistently trying to play football the way it should be played , good luck to Cardiff and Warnock and the hoofball tactics if they go up the prems in for a real treat. Its frustrating yes but l know what i prefer to watch win or lose.

      • nickbruzon March 14, 2018 at 6:45 am #

        Spot on Hobbo. I thing Brian, if that is his real name, was watching a different game to the rest of us

  3. Hobbo March 14, 2018 at 9:52 am #

    As usual Nick.

  4. Moriarty March 14, 2018 at 10:26 am #

    I made fair comments on the game, which is what your site is supposed to encourage and sponsor, but, as usual, if you don’t like it, you rely on peevish and personal digs; where are your counter arguments? Nothing. Pathetic.
    Bruzon, on these sort of sites, you are not supposed to respond to a comment, except by using the pen name chosen by the contributor; you betray your ignorance and character deficiency.

    • Hobbo March 14, 2018 at 6:51 pm #

      Happy St Patricks day Brian

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