No income tax, no VAT. No money back, no guarantee.

17 Oct

The news we all feared was confirmed on Friday. Brentford will go into today’s game with Coventry City knowing we’ll be missing one of our most essential players. One of those automatic choices on the team sheet (think Dougie under Warburton or the unicorn when Marinus was the helm). Christian Norgaard has an ankle injury and will be out for eight weeks. It looked bad when he went off during the Preston anomaly (that being the 2-4 reverse rather than one of Billy Reeves’ favourite bands) and now we know. Elsewhere, West Ham finally got their man. Kind of. Whatever you think about the way they undertook their business, Said Benrahma will now be plying his trade at the Olympic stadium. Assuming, of course, he’s fit enough. You know, having ‘failed’ their medical.

It’s official

First up, Coventry City. Say what you want about Brentford, and many have, but we never fail to surprise even our own fans. That game with Preston was about as awful as it gets. And bizarre. 2-0 up at half time thanks to a brilliant brace from Ivan Toney (Oh, that pass from Sergi…) we fell apart in the second period in a manner that would make even Leeds United blush. My word it was horrific. Awful. A car crash. An insult to the word defending. etc etc etc. 

We all saw it. We all get it. Move on. Frankly, it is an impossibility that we could go awol like that again. Ever. We know what this team and this squad is capable of on their day. And that was anything but it. I’m absolutely expecting a statement of intent today. A demonstration that it was a freak of nature and, unfortunately, Coventry City are the wrong team in the wrong place.  Canos, Mbeumo, Dasilva to go rogue. Fosu to get a run out and do his thing. Raya back in goal. Toney to add to his collection. 

Cripes, we need it. That’s for sure.  We’ve that open question as to who replaces Christian Norgaard and, of course, the frustration over West Ham. No bad vibe towards Said. Quite the opposite. He was magnificent as a Bee and it has been apparent he’s wanted that step up. We all know what he can do. His talents most definitely befitting the top flight – even if it is only for a season. Said lit up Griffin Park and we loved him. Jota levels of excitement.  Let’s not pretend, either, that this one doesn’t hurt though.

No matter how philosophical one can be about our transfer model and recruitment strategy, for supporters it is Jota and Maupay levels of ‘Nooooooo’. An iconic and unique talent leaving Brentford for pastures new. We all knew this day would come and can only wish him well. The manner West Ham conduct their business one which has left a sour taste in the mouth.

A unique talent

Surprise, surprise – they weren’t able to pay up. Rather we’re left with a cobbled together deal that could only go through after the window had shut. One which involves an initial loan period and downpayment of £5million, a guaranteed £20m purchase at the end of the season  and then a further £5m of add ons. When we said he was part of a BMW, nobody expected the Hammers to act like they were trying to buy a second hand car. One very careful owner. Let’s just hope they don’t go under or try some means to weasel out of this further down the track should things not work out for whatever reason. After all, this is a player who apparently failed his medical. Hmmm

As Nathan Caton put so wonderfully….  Benrahma fails a medical at a club where Jack Wilshere & Andy Carroll passed theirs???? Yo West Ham if you don’t have the money just say bruh…

So instead, we go down this route. An inability to stump up the cash has left us agreeing to this one. It worked with Ryan Woods and, I suppose, as long as that contract is water tight then all good further down the track. We don’t need to sell and have stuck to our guns so long that a decision to go down this route is one that Matthew and the DOFs have felt is in our interests. That doesn’t stop it felling like we’ve been played, though.

That West Ham have been haggling like Del Boy on a market stall rather than a football club befitting their proud history and tradition. World Cup / FA Cup winners in 1966 and 1980, as you may be aware.

This tweet from Ongar hammer was one of many form their own fans offering similar sentiments: Our owners are the most despicable bastards going , we despise them with a passion, they are a disgrace.

Still, we’ve agreed to it. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes? We’ve proven time and again we’re no mugs in our transfer dealings. You and me getting upset isn’t going to change anything. I can’t waste the energy on it and can only wish Said well. Hope his enthusiasm, joie de vivre and talent can all translate to the pitch at his new home. 

If he does what we know he can then West Ham supporters are going to wet themselves. For us, time to focus on the future. And that starts on I-follow this afternoon with Coventry City visiting Lionel Road.

See you on the couch at 3pm.

Nick Bruzon


8 Responses to “No income tax, no VAT. No money back, no guarantee.”

  1. Brighton Bee October 17, 2020 at 8:16 am #

    Well said Nick. Like you, I think that West Ham have tried to have us over. I think Brentford only agreed to this cobbled together deal because they obviously told Said that they wouldn’t stand in his way if a PL club came along and put in a serious bid for his services. Little did they know it would be a dodgy club like West Ham! Still, it’s done now and like you say we can only hope they don’t try and go back on the deal they have agreed. Thank you Said for some truly magical moments, I feel privileged to have seen his remarkable skills for the last two and a bit years. What worries me now is the make up of our squad going forwards. The club have sold our two best players and to my mind have not left the squad looking stronger at the end of this window, which is their stated aim. In fact, I think we are weaker and left without adequate cover in certain positions. I also think the potential signing of Barry Bannan would have been a no brainier. In the last few games against SW he has been their stand out player and I think we could do have utilised his experience, skill and nastiness to good effect. A shame we didn’t offer more than the reported £1.5m. We can only look forward and we can start today by beating Coventry to banish the hangover left by that appalling game against Preston. One thing is for sure, it’s not boring being a Brentford supporter!!

  2. Max October 17, 2020 at 8:48 am #

    Spot on nick .No matter how water tight the benrahma contract is, its a odds on certainty that west ham will try to send him back if he’s not ripping up the prem like he did the champ.But for Bees fans we move on and the more important issue is who plays at defensive midfield for the next 8 weeks (it’s the only position that I don’t see we have a natural cover) .I predict plenty of goals in both ends .

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) October 17, 2020 at 9:56 am #

    Im sure i wasnt the only one who felt low after yesterday, feeling that we have been done over, but the fact is Said has been sold for £25m +£5m add ons. We just get the money over time.

    The whole thing felt like it was those inane tasks in the appalling Apprentice TV show. Dont come back to the board room until you have got money off. Just rip off the little guy. But we had a team who would make concessions, but ultimately stuck to their guns on price. With Said being treated like a lump of meat by West Ham.

    What has become clear this week is that the PL dont give a monkeys about the EFL & non-league. We are the pyramid which holds the whole of football up, if the base starts crumbling the whole structure will come down. The fans though are different. The West Ham fans clearly have empathised with us and have described their owners with some very uncomplimentary platitudes. I even saw the Chair of the Man City supporters Group being very anti-PL proposal. The fans get it, those who actually attend matches. The owners just want money

  4. AUSSIE BEE 53 October 17, 2020 at 10:18 am #

    I think teams like Arsenal were reluctant to go for Benrahma because he is untried at the Premier league level. Should he excel, in twelve months he may well be valued at 50 mill or more and should a champions league level club in England or Europe want him for that price are we obliged to sell to West Ham for 25 mill ?.

    • Max October 17, 2020 at 4:03 pm #

      How amazingly poetic that would be .

  5. Rod Davidson October 17, 2020 at 10:45 am #

    Not sure what to make of all of this apart from trusting Brentford to have done a really good deal. If his value goes up, we will get a good percentage of his sell on value back to us anyway, because that’s the way we always do our business.
    The sale details, we are told, mean that West Ham cough up next Summer 25 million plus add on’s. That seems all OK to me as we have guaranteed cash flow in very difficult times.
    The ‘smoke screen’ created by the owners of West Ham has not done them any favours at all.
    So we all move on, but thank you Said for your skills and efforts in a Brentford shirt, and best of luck for the future.
    Your turn now Sergi, break out of your shell !

  6. Tom Smith October 17, 2020 at 4:29 pm #

    You’ve got it spot on. This transfer leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I’m West Ham through and through – but this has plumbed the depths, and some. It may only be a small consolation but many Irons yearn to see the backs of GSB. Wish you all well!

  7. Vee Bee October 18, 2020 at 4:27 am #

    Looks like it might have been a good deal for us and i’m sure – or hope – Matthew Benham and the team will have ensured that is the case: if Said has a great season and proves himself in the PL, we get double the money when Liverpool or Chelsea come knocking. If he has a poor season for whatever reason, he comes back to us. In the meantime, best of luck to SB and thanks for the memories – especially that last goal against Fulham, what a way to say goodbye!

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