Could current form see one of our hopes go South?

16 Feb

Come on Middlesbrough. Last night’s 0-0 draw with Leeds United raises a worrying concern for Brentford fans. Specifically that we might have to play them again next campaign. Whilst Boro’ remain in the top two, their form has hit somewhat of a rough patch with two defeats , three draws and just two goals coming in their last five league games. For a team that has beaten the Bees 6 times in the last two seasons, there is a large section of the Griffin Park faithful that will be more than happy to see them promoted to the Premier League.

Of course, we must remember that most delicious of clichés. Namely that the league is a marathon not a sprint. Believe me, I’d be much happier having the sort of form that Middlesbrough are currently ‘enjoying’ rather than that of the Bees. The point is made more to illustrate how interesting the top of the table has become.

Just three points separate first placed Hull City and Brighton in fourth. Even Sheffield Wednesday, who of course put 4 past Brentford on Saturday, find themselves just two wins off the top as the race for ‘automatic’ has locked up once more.

It’s a lovely problem to have and one that, 12 months ago, we were caught up in. Village-gate had been and gone as, with the season’s low point of ‘Charlton away’ behind us, Brentford prepared to get back to winning ways. Of course, we didn’t quite make it despite a heroic effort in, arguably, the most exciting campaign in living memory. Fifth place saw us consigned to an eighth play-off campaign where the combination of a prospective visit to the ‘W’ place, along with games against Boro’, meant that usual service ensued.

That was then. This is now. Surely Middlesbrough have too much about them to trouble Brentford for a third, successive, season? Presumably recent acquisition and former Bee Jordan Rhodes will be the man to complete their stellar line up rather than the Faustino Asprilla to their Newcastle United? If nothing else, I just can’t see Aitor Karanka having a Keegan style meltdown

Any excuse to show this one.

Still, if Brentford fans think things are ‘bad’ at the moment (trust me, they aren’t), then do take a look at Leeds United. Despite some stunning signings of their own, including Stuart Dallas and the free scoring Toumani Diagouraga, there remains unrest at Elland Road. And not just from Steve Evans trying to find a tracksuit that fits him.

Controversial owner Massimo Cellino seems intent to take on the TV companies whilst fans, who had been promised a buy out, took to projecting images onto the stadium after the Italian went back on his word. The Yorkshire Post (@Yorkshirepost) were amongst those leading with some incredible images before kick off last night.


Now THIS is how to make a point

Let’s not pretend all is perfect at Brentford currently. Despite Matthew Benham’s life saving investment over the years, many are frustrated by the subsequent decimation of the team that achieved so much last campaign. Current form sees us sliding down the table whilst Dean Smith can’t buy a win (or a goal) at the minute.

But like Middlesbrough, I’m sure this is just a short term thing. We’ve come too far to throw it all away and I’m convinced the rebuilding operation we’ve put ourselves on (team, rather than stadium) will continue over the summer. Like it or not, Brentford are on a path of consolidation now. Last year’s team are nothing more than a warm and fuzzy glow who will rank alongside the heroes of yesteryear.

Instead, let’s just hope that Phil and Rasmus know what they are doing when it comes to any summer recruitment. Barring a miracle / disaster, we’re going to have two London derbies to look forward too along with another chance to take on a Leeds United side who haven’t beaten Brentford in our last 6 encounters.

As for Boro’, perhaps its best all round if they just exit the Championship and do what a club of their size should, conceivably, have done last time out. Good luck in the top flight !

Until then, we’ve got a game against Derby County coming up. All being well, a run out against another play off contender will be just what the doctor ordered to fire us back to winning ways.

Princess Royal Middlesbrough

Never again will still be too soon

Nick Bruzon


10 Responses to “Could current form see one of our hopes go South?”

  1. RebelBee February 16, 2016 at 8:44 am #

    Also worth a mention that Toums was the Sky MOTM last night, whilst Stuart Dallas tops the stats for assists and crosses. OK so you can just about make a case for the pair leaving BFC (just), but not for the subsequent unfilled holes that their departures have left in our side.

    The summer recruitment that needs to take place is a massive task! Take out the departing loans and the possible loss of Judgey and maybe HD, not to mention any further offloads, and we’ll be needing to find a MINIMUM of 6 players capable of hitting the ground running in Aug.

    • Bill Benn February 16, 2016 at 9:44 am #

      Interesting about Dallas not rated it seems by many Leeds fans.1 goal all season and subbed in most games.I thought Toumani was back to how he played before Warbs got the best out of him 3 tackles all game and mainly passing sideways and backwards.I have no problem with either player leaving and getting better contracts although think Dallas would have done better if he stayed with us as with the injuries and lack of quality Of some of the new signings he would have got a lot more game time.Seems like stats are worthless and irrelevant when fans want to diss Matthew Benhams structure and then become very relevant when it suits.Just my opinion of course.

      • RebelBee February 16, 2016 at 10:33 am #

        Each to their own view Bill, but I don’t really get your last sentence, Dallas was one that possibly could have been retained, his stats before & since moving on seem very impressive, which is why he has been missed by some. I agree with you re TD, that said he hasn’t been adequately covered either – and the mess of a midfield that I watched trot out to start the game at Hillsborough was evidence enough for me.

        If you think i’m one who is simply looking to diss MB you are wide of the mark – I desperately want things to work and gain no pleasure in some of the things that have happened this season. I simply want to give my opinions openly / honestly and am happy to defend them with anyone who sees it differently.

  2. Peter Lovelock February 16, 2016 at 11:34 am #

    Dear Nick

    Decimate means to reduce by one tenth (from the Roman Empire habit of executing one in ten legionnaires after a poor performance in battle – ‘pour encourages les autres’). Our team from last year is virtually annihilated.

    Keep up the good work.

    • nickbruzon February 16, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

      Peter – you win. Comment of the day, if not week 🙂

  3. Bill Benn February 16, 2016 at 11:58 am #

    Not digging you out regarding the stats Rebel I know where you stand and have no problem there,it was a general dig at others who have been using stats when it suits their argument.I agree about Dallas but to be honest at the time I thought we had signed better and he would struggle to make the bench we now know different.He is a bit like Forshaw as he has not improved since moving on due to playing in different systems and I would have them back in a heart beat.

    • RebelBee February 16, 2016 at 12:39 pm #

      Fair do’s Bill. BFC means the world to me – too much sadly, same for you too I know. There are some overly extreme views on either side of this season’s developments – i’m flawed at times but try to avoid this if I can.

      My problem is that most of my opinions are formed by visual evidence, the things that I see. My work life has always been in sales, it’s a results based existence like football – so if I can’t see evidence that something might work, and the results don’t follow, i’m wired to distrust it. I guess the analytics approach that we use works differently and to date I haven’t seen the light that suggests we are on the right track. It could of course be me and the baggage I carry.

      Add to this the fact that player recruitment seemed to be working so well before we change of direction – the return on departing players says so. I wonder why this approach wasn’t sustainable long term?

      One of the great things about MB is that he sees the potential in BFC, he knows that we are a far bigger club than many of our own realise. I so want him to succeed, for BFC to absolutely fill LR every week and to regain our pre war status.

      Sure the analytics need time but we simply cannot lose our championship status, so far it’s been a rocky road and there hasn’t been a lot of luck either, but I do feel the question is fair to ask – is the model showing promise, if not, is it the model, or those tasked with implementing it?

  4. paul klein February 16, 2016 at 1:08 pm #

    Notwithstanding that i share your thanks for having the owner we do how can you say that things are not bad. We’re you at Wednesday?..i thought things couldn’t get worse than our performances against Derby and Brighton but how wrong was I. The fact is we have one player of Our defence continues to be shambolic as it has been for the last number of seasons but no longer has the midfield and forwards to mask it. Then we have the two co directors of football who nobody is convinced know what they are doing. Where are the players who have potential and are bought with the money we have realised from the sales of the previous crop of potentials and so on.
    I love my club and will support them come what may but let’s be honest with each other atleast.

    • RebelBee February 16, 2016 at 1:37 pm #

      I was at SWFC on Saturday and i’d find it hard to disagree with much of what you say Paul. Despite the ridiculous sending off we caved easily and gave away really poor goals. I’m torn between wanting to defend my club when the rest of the football world and media seem to be knocking it, and venting my own frustration at some of the things that have gone on.

      If we are gambling on this current group of players having the tools to keep us safe i’m worried. Still think we’ll be ok, just, but definitely worried.

    • nickbruzon February 16, 2016 at 6:16 pm #

      Hi Paul. Think my own comments about the Wednesday game were pretty clear as to how bad that was. Especially off the back of Brighton.
      Leeds are having a rough time on and off field at the moment. We’re not great on it and , likewise, I’ve said plenty about the off field scenario too. Call it blind faith/stupidity but I’d still rather have an owner like MB than MC – regardless of who he chooses to surround himself with

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